Translate Forms into 130+ Languages

Trying to reach a broader audience online? Set your forms up with translations to let users fill them out in their native language.

Speak their language with our easy-to-use multilingual forms. Translate forms, confirmation emails, thank you messages, and more into 130+ languages.

Translate forms to speak to a global audience

Don’t let language barriers prevent people from filling out your forms. Let users select their preferred language from a custom dropdown menu with form translations — and make your form more accessible to people around the world!

Choose from 130+ languages

Select a default language for your form and add translations in as many languages as you want.

Personalize thank-you messages

Say “thank you” in the user’s chosen language. Once they’ve submitted their contact info and feedback, customers will see a Thank You message confirming a successful submission in the language they’ve selected.

Change email templates

Send personalized autoresponder emails in the user’s chosen language. Create a custom email template for automated emails that display the preferred language of your customers, clients, subscribers, or donors.

Provide unique text for different languages or countries

Use conditional logic to provide unique terms and conditions, form instructions, and more based on the local law or language of the person filling in your form.

JotForm Multilingual Forms and Translation

By making your online forms available in multiple languages, you can reach a broader audience and get your products, services, or message out to a wider range of people. JotForm lets you translate your online forms into 130+ languages, allowing form users to toggle to their preferred language in seconds

JotForm Multilingual Forms and Translation