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Collect donations, consent forms, registration forms, and more for your church with JotForm’s church management software! No matter which religion you belong to, you can easily create custom online forms to help you stay in touch with your congregation. Nonprofit churches can even get 50% off paid plans — allowing you to collect even more donations, e-signatures, and information online.

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Take Your Church Online

Reach even more followers through the internet. If you’re broadcasting sermons online, why not take your entire church service online? Stay connected to those who share your beliefs with online forms designed specifically for churches. From donation forms to registration forms, JotForm can answer your prayers!

Collect Donations and Signatures

Bring your donation boxes and paper forms online with JotForm. Collect credit card, debit card, and alternative payments through your website instantly! Or use our e-signature widgets to receive signed consent forms, application forms, or registration forms online.

Keep Sensitive Data Secret

Whether you’re receiving donations or confessions, you can trust that your data will be safe with us. Submissions are instantly stored in your secure JotForm account, protected by top-notch security measures such as PCI compliance, GDPR compliance, HIPAA compliance, anti-spam features, and optional form encryption.

How to create a Church Form

Learn how to set up your first Church form with JotForm. We demonstrate how to list your products, collect donations and sell your product and link with payment processors so you can create a simple yet powerful online order form.

How to create a Church Form


What our users say about JotForm

How to Create an Order Form
JotForm is hands down one of the top most user-friendly platforms out there. Easy to use for someone who has never built a form before, yet has the robust capabilities for customization. 10/10 would highly recommend JotForm.
Mikel Howard
The Life Church - Marketing Director

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