Email authentication not sending.

  • Growth_Value
    2023年12月5日 8:07に質問




    1. ログインの際の2段階認証で、6桁の認証コードがアカウントのメールアドレスに送信されましたと表示されるが、当該のメールボックスに認証コードが届かない
    2. 上記を何度か実行すると、「You have reached login attempt limit. Please try again in a few hours.」と表示されて、認証コードの送信すらできなくなる




  • Shirized Ina Garces Jotform Support
    2023年12月5日 9:09に返信

    Hi Growth_Value,

    Thanks for reaching out to Jotform Support. I'm sorry this is happening.  Unfortunately, our Japanese Support agents are busy helping other Jotform users at the moment. I'll try to help you in English using Google Translate, but you can reply in whichever language you feel comfortable using. Or, if you'd rather have support in Japanese, let us know and we can have them do that. But, keep in mind that you'd have to wait until they're available again.

    Now, let me help you with your question. I went ahead and checked our email logs and I can see that there are Login Codes sent to your email address from 11-26 to 11/30. Have you tried checking your Spam/Junk folder to see if the codes are sent there? Also, I would suggest whitelisting Jotform's IP address and Domains to make sure that you'll receive the verification code immediately.

    Additionally, can you tell me if the account is signed in on multiple devices? If so, please take note that accounts with Standard plans, (Starter, Bronze, Silver, and Gold) are designed for a single person to log in. Sharing your password is against our Terms of Use. Our system will activate the Email Authentication function, which entails giving you an authentication code before logging into your account to confirm that the login attempt originates from the email owner when it notices that you are signing in to your account from numerous devices or places. Currently, there is no way to turn off this new security feature.

    Keep us updated and let us know if you need any more help.