How to Limit Submissions in a Form

May 4, 2022

A limit can be placed on the number of submissions a form receives. An expiration date can also be set for the form.

You can find the Form Status option in the Form Builder’s Settings tab.


In this guide, we will only focus on three of the five options. To learn about the other two options, Enable and Disable, check out the “How to Enable/Disable a Form” guide.

Disable on Date

This allows you to set your form to be disabled on your preferred specific date and time.


Disable on Submission Limit

This allows you to set a specific total number of submissions allowed for your form.


Disable on Date and Submission Limit

This allows you to set an expiration date and time to when your form is only allowed to be submitted and, also, set a specific total number of submissions allowed during that time frame.

The form was set to be disabled either upon receiving 1000 submissions OR on the 1st of January 2030 at 1:00 AM, whichever comes first.


  • You need to enter a number for the submission limit.
  • A drop-down calendar is used so it will be easy to set an expiration date and also to avoid confusion with the different date formats.
  • The time is in the 24-hour format (no “AM” or “PM” included).
  • The time is US Eastern Standard Time (server time, not your computer time).
  • Time must be entered at least 5 hours before the expiration time (if the expiration time is at 17:00 the expiration time must be set a minimum of 5 hours before it and which is 12:00).
  • The instant a form reaches its submission limit or expiration date it will become disabled. To re-enable a form that was disabled due to a submission limit being reached or the expiration date that was set is already due, do the following:
    • Scenario 1 – Increase the limit of the submissions
      • Submission Limit: 250.
      • Expiration Date: (none set).
      • Example 1: You would like to allow 10 more submissions. Increase the submission limit to 260 (250 current submissions + 10).
      • Example 2: You would like to remove the submission limit altogether – change the form’s status to Enable.
    • Scenario 2 – Update/Change the date of the expiration
      • Submission Limit: (none set).
      • Expiration date: 2016 May 15 at 8:00 PM.
      • Example 1: You would like to change the expiration date to 3:30 PM on May 18, 2016. Using the calendar drop-down set a new future date of expiration and set a time on the time field as well (setting the time to 00:00 will disable the form as soon as the date entered is reached).
      • Example 2: You would like to make the form with no expiration date – change the form’s status to Enable.
    • Scenario 3 – Increase the submission limit or update the expiration date
      • Submission Limit: 250.
      • Expiration Date: 2016 May 15 at 8:00 PM.
    Use the examples in the previous scenarios as a guide, according to the change you wish to make.

Questions? Please let us know below!

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