How to Add Time and Response Limits to Forms

January 27, 2023

This guide is for limitting for form responses by adding submission limit and expiration date to a form. For other options, see Unique Submissions and Unique Question.

The Form Status option in Form Builder allows you to automatically disable or close your form on a specific date and time or after receiving a certain number of submissions. This can be useful if you have forms with limited slots, items, or time offers.

To see the options

  1. In Form Builder, click on Settings at the top.
  2. Next, open Form Status.
  3. Choose one of the “Disable on” options depending on your needs.
Form Builder Status Disable Options

Note: The first two Form Status options are for manually disabling or enabling your form. To learn more, see How to Enable or Disable a Form.

Here are the available options for automatically closing your form:

  • Disable on date — Schedule your form to close on a specific date and time.
  • Disable of submission limit — Close your form after collecting a certain number of entries.
  • Disable on date and submission limit — A combination of the two, whichever comes first.
Form Builder Disable On Expire Date Min
Disable on date
Form Builder Disable On Submission Limit Min
Disable of submission limit
Form Builder Disable Date Submission Limit Min
Disable on date and submission limit

Selecting any of the “Disable” options allows you to set the warning message, for the form fillers, when the form is disabled.

Form Builder Status Disable Warning Message


  • Settings Submission Limit to zero or empty stops its response count checks.
  • The time is US Eastern Standard Time in a 24-hour format.
  • Apply at least -5 hour offset to your expiration time in case of delays. For example, if your form needs to close at 17:00, set the expiration time to a minimum of 5 hours before that which is 12:00.
  • To re-enable a disabled form, go to Settings and set Form Status to “Enabled.” Or, you can reconfigure and adjust your expiration date or submissions limit depending on your requirements.
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