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Adding a form to a Frontpage site

Adding a form to a Frontpage site

1. Click the "Publish" button in the toolbar.

2. In the Publish window, go to the "Platforms" tab. In the search box, please search for frontpage. The Frontpage button will show up, please click it.

3. Click the "Copy Code" button.

4. Now open FrontPage.

5. On FrontPage, open the page you would like to this form.

6. Click on the exact spot you would like to place this form.

7. Click on "Insert" menu, then select "Web Component".

8. Click on "Advanced Controls" on the left side.

9. Click on "HTML" on the right side.

10. Copy this form code:

11. Paste it in the text box in FrontPage. Click "OK".

12. You should now see your form on the page.

13. Save your page and upload to your web site.

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  • Anniecae

    I made a form and is trying to add it to a frontpage website. The form has sections however when I add it to the website I can only see the first two pages. Can you help me? The second page that should say Next and Back only says Back

  • chingy

    i designed a web page on front page,i want to insert my form on the web page.but i don't want the form to show on my web page i want it to be hiding under my web page.what will i do?thanks

  • JotFormSupport

    It is an image editor. Not for adding form codes etc.. as far as I know. Also it doesn't produce html files so it is not possible to add our code on it. You should use Frontpage.

  • Indianrv

    I cannot get the source code to operate in MS Photodraw, could you offer any assistance.