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How to Update the Multiple Payment Form

How to Update the Multiple Payment Form

You have a Multiple Payment Form, but you want to setup your own payment method? This guide will show you how to update the Multiple Payment Form. Let us get started.

1. Access my forms and look for the base form that houses your payment forms. Click "Edit" button to modify the form.

2. In the form builder, simply click on the Payment method field if you want to change your payment methods or add another one:

Click "Options" if you want to change or add another.

3. Editing the payment forms. Simply click on the iFrame Embed widget and click on the wand icon to run the wizard:

Change the URL of the form, the width and the height, click "Finish" button to complete the wizard:

4. Adding Payment Method. Simply click on the Widgets area and search for the iFrame embed widget:

Drag and drop it to the builder and configure the settings based on the screenshot above (editing the payment forms).

Don't forget to save the changes and that's it! If you experience any difficulties or have questions, please let us know in the comment box below or post it on our support forum.

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  • Akleonard

    When I use the iframe embed widget to add a stripe ach form, plaid verification stops working in certain browsers. When I publish the ach form by itself, verification works just fine in all browsers.

  • Vincent N Sykes

    The iFrame embed widget is showing the jotform Banner when I choose Credit Card Payment Method instead of the Square Payment screen.

  • onioncreekhc

    My Paypal account has changed - how do I update the settings for my new paypal account?

  • nayan sarma

    how to pan payment jotform update? sir

  • eatsandtreatsmnl

    Hi there. I don't want to use Paypal as a payment method for my form as it isn't used often where I am. How do I switch it to Purchase Order only? Thanks.

  • bookerae

    I have had a form live for a while, I need to now remove an option or mark as out of stock, but I can't find an option, any help?

  • samfoundation

    Dear sir,Is it possible to use multiple payment method in one account?

  • fhpw

    This all works great. However, how is the data collected? Is it in multiple places? I am trying to collect reservations with PayPal and pay at door, plus condition with late fees. So, I have four iFrames in one form. It will be impossible to keep track of all our count if submissions go to multiple databases. Please advise. Thanks,

  • ivancace

    This manual is still working? I think free html doesn't support javascript...

  • targetmarketing


    Is it possible to set up a staged payment form like the one here using jotform.

    Basically on page 1 you choose a product, then on page two you add a Bolton, the same on page 3.

    Using paypal all of the products appear stacked, all on one page

  • guest_23242959866063

    Re: How to Update the Multiple Payment Form

  • Lanaya

    I am following this ok until I get to step #9
    My forms are set up so I have a final Order Form and a Paypal Redirect form. I want my payment options botton if paypal is chosen it directs the buyer to the paypal payment form to order, I don't want them to have to input their Name and address ont the paypal form so I want both forms to submit together in my notification email.