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Difference Between PayPal and PayPal Pro

Difference Between PayPal and PayPal Pro

People often ask, what are the differences between the two? There are two types of Paypal payment methods offered by JotForm for online forms. Here are the known differences of the two Paypal payment types.

a. PayPal (Paypal Checkout)

b. PayPal Pro (Paypal Payments Pro)

1. The Checkout Experience

When using Paypal, submitting your form will take you to the secure Paypal website for the user to login or pay by credit card.

Pay by Paypal Account:

Pay by Debit or Credit Card, or Bill Me Later (for US residents only):

While Paypal Pro allows the user to enter his account information on your website or directly from your form. The form visitor will never have to leave your website. There's also more customization options to your form and the transactions on your website.

2. Setting Up an Account

With using PayPal, all you need to do is use an existing Paypal account. Enter your Paypal email address/username on the Paypal Payment wizard and you're ready to take transactions.

While with PayPal Pro, you'll need to file a business credit application to Paypal for your account to be upgraded to PayPal Pro before you can start selling. This'll take up to an average of 5-7 work days to get approval.

3. Merchant Fees

There are no differences on the transaction fees between PayPal & PayPal Pro. However, there's an additional $30 monthly fee for using PayPal Pro.

What's your pick? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Denis Doyon

    Bonjour, comment faire la demande pour transférer vers Paypal Pro et à qui la faire? J'ai rempli un formulaire de demande d'adhésion pour passer de notre Paypal à Paypall pro il y a un mois sans retour. Nous n'arrivons pas à joindre quelqu'un pour nous guider dans le processus

    Hello, how do I apply to transfer to Paypal Pro and to whom? I filled out a submit application form to switch from our Paypal to Paypall Pro a month ago without return. We can’t get someone to guide us through the process.


  • BackdropCountryStudio

    How do I know if I have Paypal Pro. I set this up so long ago I don't remember. The Company it would be under is Eyellusion Corp. but I don't think I've been paying $30/month so that's why I'm confused. I'm trying to link Paypal Pro, if I have it, with JotForm and am not sure if I've done it. How do I check this out?
    Thanks Moni

  • Dave Smith

    I have used PayPal on my website for a while now. I use to different boxes for payments, one-time and also recurring. I completed the code on PayPal, and then uploaded it to me WordPress Widget, and it works great.

    I recently upgraded to PayPal Pro for my business. Do I have to make any changes to those widgets
    and code I already did? Or, is this "Pro" something that I can also make a widget for, that is either "better", or it looks different with the credit card acceptance. ? .

    Thanks in advance,
    IMJustice Marketing

  • prosper noah

    really wonderful post

  • paypal nigeria

    hi thanks for the information

  • Cindy Desvreaux

    i continue to receive emails saying i have money waiting to be pick up or thay are on hold , i have a paypal account and my bank card is linked to it, thou i dont have a paypal pro account #9978 for 37.50, and account ID 6969RT1TPOEP, and a few other could you let me know what is going on with this

  • Valerie Berendsen

    I had an email from a hosting site which said I had money in a PayPal Pro site .The account number is #3365!
    Can you help me please. I would like to transfer the money to my NZaccount. This is the only information I have.
    Regards Valerie Berendsen

  • nnsryn


  • JF

    Hello, I am in the process of starting a business, and we are reducing expenses as much as we can in the beginning. So, I want to know, if I get PayPal Payments Standard, do I need a merchant's account, PayFlow, or any other payment gateway?

  • royleewarren

    I do not sell a "product ' but rather legal services. How do I change that on the template?

  • Sana

    PayPal pro is better and safer for VoIP Service provider.

  • Sana

    PayPal pro is better and safer for VoIP Service provider.

  • Khushbu Ajmera

    I am not able to Upgrade my Business Account to Pro, I have used NOK currency, country NO (Norway). For US currency, there is an option to upgrade to PRO.
    Please suggest me, How can i get same benefits of PRO account for Norway.

  • bmcrumc

    We have integrated paypal standard into our site but upon checkout we are not seeing the different payment options. It either says "Login" or "Create Account". If you click create account it does take you to paypal guest checkout, but i know our users will quit if they think they have to create an account. the sample form that you all have under another form has "pay with debit or credit card" instead of Create Account. Do you know how we can fix this?

  • Michael Ringrose

    I became aware of PayPal PRO today and tried to access it. I understand that while it is available in the UK and US and the Northern Ireland it is not available in the Republic of Ireland. I am a long standing customer of PayPal. We have a massive HQ of PayPal here in Dublin, just a few miles from where I reside. Why can we not have PayPal PRO.?

    Looking forward to hearing from you, preferably with some positive indication that PayPal Pro is going to be available.

    With kind regards,

    Michael Ringrose,

  • MTNA

    We already have a PayPal account and use PayFlow Pro as a gateway. Would we use PayPal Pro?

  • belka

    can anybody says how can i apply for paypal pro?

  • ziya

    Does paypal pro support Indian merchants for software service selling?.

  • john cash

    collects your customer's info both ways while paypal pro suggests that it doesn't

  • Shabib


  • OMF2016

    Paypall pro doesn't work in all merchant country, so kind of helpless.

  • kelsey


    Quick question. I don't want to have my customers have to sign up for PayPal to use credit/debit cards during checkout. I read something that said PayPal Standard allowed them to checkout using debit and credit cards without a PayPal account, but when I was testing it out on my website it appeared to make me sign up for PP in order to checkout.

    Do you know for sure if people can checkout with a debit/credit card without having a PP account for PP Standard?


  • nonymous

    can we get a paiement for a dowload or fomrulaire page acces

  • Mark Hamlin

    What PayPal won't tell you in their documentation is that the "pay with my credit or debit card" feature will only work in a standard business account if the person paying has not used the express checkout feature more than a few times before. If they have used the express checkout before then they will get the error "This transaction couldn't be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal.(Code: 10486)" unless you have a business pro account which supposedly does not limit the number of express checkouts a person can use while checking out.

    PayPal told me that in order to avoid that error I must pay for a business pro account or tell my clients to sign up for a PayPal account.

  • MeorotInstitute

    But even in Pro, if the user chooses to pay with PayPal, they are redirected to the secure Paypal website for the user to login. Is there a way to prevent them from doing this? I do not want any redirecting before the form is submitted.

  • sandeep pateriya

    this is a good article on paypal and paypal pro difference.

  • gallawayville

    so my question is why the $5 fee passed onto people that sign up on my page?

  • Leon

    Yeah this information about regular paypal and pro give me solution.

    How to become approved Paypal Pro account ?

  • Douglas Arterburn

    Do you also support PayPal Advanced ($5 / month)? Would PayPal Advanced work like PayPal Pro?

  • saurav

    Really Great answer....

  • Ziquia Andrews

    This is why I chose to use Stripe. It was too difficult for me to be approved for a Pro account with Paypal because of credit issues. I mean, that has nothing to do with my business.

  • nero wilcom

    i love this

  • rockviewlodge

    Paypal Pro may be required to accept larger payments, too. My experience is that the standard account caps individual transactions at about $2000, whereas I can take $10,000+ in a single transaction on the Pro account. There are lots of fraud screening hoops however, so be prepared to have your account shut down several times and be interviewed by various PayPal specialists.

  • mrsinghal

    Good to know this. Thanks.

    M. R. Singhal

  • ayn