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How to Migrate Form Data from Adobe FormsCentral to JotForm

How to Migrate Form Data from Adobe FormsCentral to JotForm

METHOD 1: Download the app to export your data from FormsCentral

Click on this link

And click on Import Your Forms button

Adobe FormsCentral Import

Choose Forms + Responses if you want to import the forms along with the data.

Otherwise Form Only should be chosen if there is no data.

If you have PDF forms, you can also import them using the 3rd option.

Import Your Forms to JotForm

Then a file download will prompt to get the app and install it.

This will connect you with FormsCentral and allow you to choose your forms

So please install it and follow the instructions.

If you wait an hour but still don't have all of your forms:

The problem is that we are not allowed to keep your Adobe FormsCentral passwords on our end. What we do is to log into formscentral from your computer and then use a 1-hour limited session ticket and use that to import your forms. Sometimes, if you have a lot of forms, we are not able to import them all on time.

The solution is quite simple: Re-run the app and re-import your forms until you get all of them. Our app will continue where it left off. 

METHOD 2:  Do the process by yourself

You must export your forms submissions and import them into Jotform.


1. While on your FormsCentral account, go to My Forms and select the form you wish to get the data from.

Adobe FormsCentral My Forms section

2. Go to the View Responses Tab and click on the Save as Excel  button

Adobe FormsCentral Save as Excel

3. For this tutorial, let's select the whole table and then choose the CSV file option.

Adobe FormsCentral Export as CSV


Now that we have exported our data on a CSV file, let's proceed to import it into your jotform.

Here are some considerations

1. To properly import the data fields on your jotform, we need to match the data, so you should have all the same fields as on your Adobe form. Please add any if missing.

2. Once that is done you can use this app

The Import tool will tell us what are the field names to change in the CSV data headers, so we can start the import

When you go to import screen using the link above, click on the Import Submissions Now button

Import Adobe submissions into Jotform

3. Authorize the import tool to your jotform

Authorize impot

4. Select the jotform from the list (1) and click Continue (2)

Select jotform from the list

On the new screen we get the information about the headers that we need for the import.

This is the most important part of the steps that you need to take.

5. Check the template format section. It will tell us how exactly to modify the CSV file headers.

JotForm submissions Import - template format

*Full CSV headers and data used in this guide can be seen here.

- This is what we received:

Requested headers format

- This is what we have in CSV file:

Adobe CSV exported headers

6. As you can see there is also Time Submitted. We must add this field to our jotform first.

Add textbox and make it hidden in JotForm Builder

7. Repeat that 6th step for as many extra fields that you have.

8. Save the jotform and go back to import tool. Click on Change form and select the same jotform again, forcing it to reload the fields.

Reload form

- Now our format is:

Requested headers format

Now, we have everything.

9. Take first segment / header and change the same value in the CSV file. This means that:

Time Submitted becomes 62_Time Submitted_textbox

Do you see what we did? Lets do next one as well:

LAST NAME: becomes 3_LAST NAME:_textbox

- This is the final CSV file:

CSV submissions

10. Save the CSV file.

11. Select it for import.

Import CSV file to JotForm

12. Wait for it to finish importing

Results of submission import

13. Lets take a look at your submissions to see our new data:

View submissions

Take a look for yourself:

password: jotform

Adobe FormsCentral form link:

JotForm form link:

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support:

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  • FranciscoJaramillo

    buenas tardes

    Es posible recuperar base de datos borrados?

  • lesAS

    D0 you think that the method 1 will work soon or it's better for me not to wait and transfert everything by myself ?

  • MTLMentors

    I have already imported the form and the response data from AdobeFormsCentral and I now want to get the responses that have arrived on the AFC form since that first import into JotForms.
    How do I only import a few responses?
    As soon as this is donw I will stop using the AFC and move proper onto JotrFroms

  • Penny

    If I migrate a form into Jotform can it still be accessed on Adobe Forms Central?

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    Jotform is not importing the attached documents in my forms. How can i get these to also be imported?

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    I was able to migrate the form easily. I'm trying to edit background colors but can't figure out how to do it.

  • SlingerTower

    Thank you JotForm, I'm switching from FormsCentral - can't wait to use all your great features!

  • susanhawn

    What Ralph said, I just want the blank form, how can this be done. I tried your steps but it pulls the old responses to customer entries that have already been processed.

  • Ralph

    I dont care about submissions, I want to import the form i created on forms central to jot form. FORM ONLY, can this be done?

  • Caroline Spark

    Thanks for being so proactive about all of this!
    It seems to me that if I have a form which doesn't closely match one of your templates, i will have to add so many fields it would be better to just start again? Or am I missing something?

  • Ben

    It is good to mention that the submissions can be viewed in many different ways as well, not only from Submissions Panel shown above:


    Grid report:
    RSS report:
    HTML report:
    CSV report:
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