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How to Embed a Form to Duda Website Builder?

How to Embed a Form to Duda Website Builder?

At JotForm, we provide multiple ways to embed a form to every platform. If you are a Duda (formerly Duda Mobile) user and want to embed your JotForm form on a page, that is possible with just a few steps.

1. You need to use our iframe embed method with Duda platform.

Getting the Form iFrame Code

2. In your new/existing page editor, add a widget and choose HTML:

2. In the HTML content box, paste the iframe codes and click the Update button:

The page should automatically load the form.

Publish/Republish the page and that's it! You now have the form on your Duda website.

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  • kate.dewick

    I have embedded a form into my DUDA website. However, the form switches from 539px high is at 11,000 px and is not showing up on my web page properly. 11, 000 is the height of the form when you go to fill it out, but it is not the size I want displayed initially on the page. How can I change that?

    I'm attaching the website and this issue is on the employment page.

    Thank you,


    Page URL: