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How to Change Form Fonts

How to Change Form Fonts

There are few web-friendly fonts that can supplement the readability & design of your web forms. You shouldn’t use just any font you want to because you think it looks pretty; you need to think about your customers, too. We've searched & gathered the best web-friendly fonts for your forms and have a very easy method for implementing them in your forms.

Step 1: Opening the Form Designer Tool.

On your form builder, click the icon shown in the screenshot below. 


That should open the basic Form Designer Tool, here you can change the font family/style under the "Styles" tab. 


Step 2: Opening the Advanced Form Designer Tool.

On the same settings window, scroll down and you should be able to see the "Advanced Designer" button. 

After clicking it, it will open the Advanced Form Designer Tool where we offer more options on how you can design your form better. Click the "Design" tab, then open the "Font Options" section, that should allow you to change the overall font family used in your form. 

Make sure to hit the save button to apply the changes. 

And that’s about all it takes to change your form’s fonts. Try different fonts to make your forms better fit your website, blog, or page. If you are familiar with Google Fonts, then you can also use the fonts there for your form. Here's a guide that you can check: How to use Google Font in JotForm Forms 


Don't forget to comment about your experience with form fonts below! 

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  • aporty85

    I'm having the same issue as ThomasBDay, all i get when I open designer is choices of Palette, Themes and Custom. There's no option for me to change layout to legacy as was suggested in response to ThomasBDay's question.

  • ThomasBDay

    When I open form designer I get something much different. My choices are only Palette, Themes and Custom

  • Jackie

    Please see the URL below.

  • Jackie

    Fonts are changing when converted to PDF even after I have followed the steps above.

    I went in and changed the font family on the designer tool and in settings but when I convert the document to PDF it is giving me a different font on the text boxes and rating scale.

  • diana_aceves_

    How I can use a font source other than Google fonts, but is included in my project?

  • simple_acts

    What about the font weight? I want to remove the bold in the text field labels.


  • abdulazeeem

    how to change fonts?

  • IrishVeterans

    I am trying to change the font of my Header and Sub Header to Tahoma font but every time I try, it reverts back to its default. I have tried both methods shown above but to no avail.

    Irish Veterans

  • kjulian

    This does not seem to allow different font sizes in different text boxes - does it all have to be the same font within the entire form? Thank you.