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How to Add or Group Your Forms into Folders

How to Add or Group Your Forms into Folders

Here, we will teach you how to Add, Group, and even further Organize your Forms into newly created Folders for a cleaner look. This is expected as your account gains more forms that you build so this will help you so that you can find them easier and quicker without too many problems.

1. Login to your account and go to the MY FORMS page.

2. Click My Forms on the left nav and you'll be able to see an option. Click Create One Now and this will open up the Add new Folder wizard...

...give it a name then click the Continue button.

3. Now, select the forms you want to group into the folder you just created (you'll be able to see a green check mark after selecting forms). Click the FOLDERS button from the toolbar.

4. Clicking the FOLDERS button from the toolbar will open up the Folder Selections, just click on each box where you'd like to put the selected forms. Click APPLY to save your changes.

5. And you're done! You will now see a columned tab that shows you which forms are associated with the newly created folder you've made. Alternatively, you can click on the folder on the sidebar to the left to swap between the two and view only the ones in the folder or all of them.

Additionally, You can also drag and drop selected forms into folders to add them quicker once they've been created.

On top of that, you have several different options to edit and customize them including folder name, color, or even removing the folder later on if needed for better organization.

Just place your mouse over the Folder Name and you will see a Down Arrow appear - Just click it to see these options.

Questions? Please let us know below!

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  • Pat Smith

    Thanks in advance. You always respond and give answers that are perfect.

    I am creating online tests for our Bible Study. There are 9 tests in total. So far, I have created 2 of the tests. We have 12 teachers. Each teach will need to administer all 9 tests to their students.

    I am considering making a folder for each teacher and having all 9 tests loaded in their folder. Each of the 9 tests in that Teachers folder would have that teachers email attached, so that the Students test results will be sent to that teacher.

    Question: so that each teacher A gets ONLY her students test results, would test #1 (for example) have to have a different url than test #1 for teach B? If so, that means I would have to recreate all 9 tests, for each if the 12 teachers. Is there an easier way?

  • almalang

    Can I clone a folder and all the forms it contains?

  • ThreeFeathersBearScare

    Can you assign a folder as the "default" folder to show up when you sign in instead of seeing the "all forms" folder which displays everything?

  • SuzannePicton

    Hi, I have issued two batches of forms with the same topic, can I merge the submissions into one file for them to be analysed together.

  • givingdupage

    once you've moved the form to a folder, how can we achieve a cleaner view on the main page. I don't want to see the forms on the main page and also in my folder - but only in my folder. I only want forms that currently active and that I"m editing/using on the main page.

    Your article is missing this info/option. Thanks!

  • acgkalamazoo

    Can older submissions be moved to a folder or archived?The form itself is still active so I can't move it.

  • lritter

    Is it possible to 'group' folders AND sort them by dragging them where you want them?
    For example, here is how my folders look now - I can't even get them in alpha order???:
    Development Stage
    Testing Phase
    Inactive / Never Used / Cloned
    Live Stage

    I would like them organized more like this:
    Development Stage
    Testing Stage
    Live Stage
    Inactive / Never Used / Cloned

    Subfolders would also be nice!

  • aarhusfilmworkshop

    Is it possible to create folders in the archive folder?

  • KyleGrizzell

    Sub accounts setup with full access cannot see all of the sub folders shared with them.

  • ohlerb

    As a sub-user, I cloned a form that was shared with me. However, it was created in the top-level of the shared folder. I can't drag it to a different folder or create folders of my own. Does a sub-user have any control over this?

  • cvaughn

    how do you set security permissions to allow another user to manage/create folders?


    so, what about a subfolder?
    Folder 1 with a folder within Folder 1
    Folder 1
    - Subfolder 1
    - Subfolder 2
    Folder 2

  • Cindy Wolf

    Can you just select certain information from several folders and add it to a new form?

  • philanthropy1987

    I created a form and have over 40 submissions. I'd like the last 2 forms to go to a different folder.

  • 2maxgroup

    but i cannot see any create folder in my account

  • OmarGhali

    I do not have "Create One Now), so that I can not create any folder!!!
    Any help?

  • nzski

    Is there a limit to the number of folders that you can create? Im up to 5 and it wont let me add any more???

  • RevJacGrimes

    I would like to be able to move submissions from the form over to a folder. Is there any way to move only select submissions (once I have acted on the submission I would like to move it to a completed folder)? I need to have the original form remain available on the website for others to complete.

  • redpalm

    changing folder colors dosn't work ;-(