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How to Add Options to Payment Forms

How to Add Options to Payment Forms

This guide will show how to create custom items and a lot of payment options in your Payment Form. The custom payment features on this guide apply to the Payment fields in the JotForm Payment Tools.

By adding a payment field to the form, the payment integration will be enabled. Start adding options to the payment field by selecting one of the product/items in the payment field.

NOTE: You cannot add the same property option twice into a single product item.

I. Add Pre-Defined Quantity Property

1. On the selected product, click the ADD button on the ADD A QUANTITY SELECTOR section.


3. Fill out the option properties sections. The LABEL should describe what the payment for. The RANGE is the maximum number your customer can order. The default is 1 to 10. Simply change 10 if you want to increase the value. Click the SAVE QUANTITY button to finish.

If you want to add a custom pricing to each quantity sets, for example: automatically create a discount rate for a certain quantity. Simply toggle the SPECIAL PRICING PER QUANTITY option to YES and set your pricing.

II. Allow Custom Quantity Input (Text Box)

1. On the selected product, click the ADD button on the ADD A QUANTITY SELECTOR section.

2. Select TEXT BOX from the SHOW QUANTITY ON THE FORM AS section.

3. Fill out the option properties sections. The LABEL should describe what the payment for. The default quantity is the number of items ordered/selected by default. Leave blank for zero (0) which is the default quantity.

4. Click the SAVE QUANTITY button to finish.

III. Add a Predefined Property

1. Select the product/item. Click the ADD button on the ADD A PRODUCT OPTION section.

2. The available preset options are Color, T-Shirt Size, Print Size, Screen Resolution and Shoe Size. Just select your desired property from the Populate Options from Presets dropdown.

If you want to add a custom pricing to each property option, for example, different prices for each color, toggle the SPECIAL PRICING PER OPTION to YES. You'll see that the price column will be automatically added.

Enter your prices and then click the SAVE OPTION button to finish.

IV. Add a Custom Property to Item

1. Select NONE from the list of PRESETS.

2. Enter your product LABEL and the list of options.

3. Toggle the SPECIAL PRICING PER OPTION to YES if you want to add a custom pricing for each of the options.

4. Once done, simply click the SAVE OPTION to finish.

5. Click the SAVE PRODUCT to finish your configuration from the item.

V. Add Mandatory Payment and Default Product

Each item/product in the payment field can be mandatory and/or be selected by default. The REQUIRED property makes the item/product mandatory and always selected by default. SELECTED BY DEFAULT only makes the item/product optional and can be deselected anytime.

Check this demo form to see how the above properties look like in the preview:

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  • veloview

    Hi! I've set up a form to sell t-shirts with different design options. I have dropdown menus to select the design, the cut, the size, and the quantity. This works great if someone wants to buy just one shirt or buy multiple t-shirts with the same design, same cut, and in the same size. But how do I provide an option for someone to select multiple t-shirts with different designs in different sizes and different cuts?

    I could duplicate the product multiple times to allow people to choose different combinations of the dropdown menus for each t-shirt, but that will clutter the payment form and is only necessary if someone needs to order more than one shirt. Is there a way to include something like an "Add another T-Shirt" button that would duplicate the product on the form if the user needs to order additional t-shirts using a different combination of factors (design, cut, size)? Thanks!

  • James

    I want to carry the same special pricing for all of my items on my entire order form. Currently the pricing is only adjusting for each individual item

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    como puedo hacer para cambiar el tipo de moneda de USD a colones costarricenses?

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    Hi there! We want to be able to use Jotform to sell our school's spirit wear online. I have the products set-up. But, let's say, a family wants to order 1 red t-shirt in an XS and a gray t-shirt in L, would I need a different product for every available size and color combination? We offer 4 different products in 4 different colors in 10+ sizes. That would be a long product list.


  • blackflygrubhub

    Can jot not pull my items from square? If I have to create multiple libraries of items I have this whole exercise is futile

  • gmartinez99

    Hi, I'm trying to create an event registration form and collect payment based on the the answers that is given on the form. For example, How many golfers are you registering up to 4 golfers then then collect name of all golfers allowing. Then allow them to add dinner tickets for guest or spouse. So would need a total at the end depending on answer and then collect payment via square. Thanks!

  • lindsk

    Hey! Thanks for this. I just have one question. I have a list of products, their price changes based on the size (which I have a added the product option for size with special pricing). My problem is that there are a few items that are higher priced then the others (not based on the size, but based on the different products). Is there a way to have special pricing for both?

  • coacda

    Is there a way to add Inventory Quantities to items? (for example - if I only have 5 shirts to sell -- I don't want the 6th person to be able to buy it.. )

  • texco casuals(online women wear store)

    wow it nice, it like this payment process

  • brentbrunner

    is it possible to save your products you've enter to be able to use in other forms? example i creted a long prduct list with variables and i decide to create another form and when i add payment gateway it makes me enter in the products all over again. can i populate that from a pre-saved list of products?

  • 2911mentor

    Can I have the Payment amount match the number of people registered on my form? I would like the form to choose the correct registration payment instead of the user choosing which registration payment they want to pay for.

  • FrodeJacobsen

    Some of the prices I enter in the Product Settings are different than the prices shown on the form. A product priced at $12.50 is shown as $12.00, $1.30 is shown as $1.00, and $2.75 is shown as $2.00. Oddly, when I select the product priced at $12.50 and select a quantity THEN the price changes to the correct amount. What causes this to happen, and what must I do to correct it? Thanks!

  • IITKGPFoundation

    I am working to set up multiple donation amounts on my form (i.e., $50, $100, $250, $500, and also a custom amount). I am trying to follow the above tutorial; however, since we are integrated with Stripe, I'm not seeing that you can change any of the product descriptions. Am I missing something? Thank you!


    how do I change the default currency?

  • lunchymoon


    I m using the paypal form to add my items. I would need to add extra cost for 2nd 3rd item and so on. I think there is not the possibility to do that? If I select "shipment per item" when I select two different items i will have the shipment cost calculated twice. is there a way to customiza that?

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  • sadlow

    Why doesn't the form post the product names and so on to Webhooks.

    RequestBin told me, that only an array is given, which only contains:

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    Is there any way to add a large number of unique discount codes rather than doing them one at a time?

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    Thanks for any advice.

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    How do you add Categories? Eg have a heading called HAIR CARE and list products underneath and then have a second heading called FOOT CARE and list products underneath - all on the one form with one total only????