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What is Special Pricing

What is Special Pricing

SPECIAL PRICING can be defined as offering different prices to customers for a particular product according to several criteria, such as quality, quantity, the time frame of purchase and type of customer.

This is a feature that will allow you to set a SPECIAL PRICING based on the additional options you applied on your payment field. To learn more about setting up additional options, you can check this guide on How to Add Options to Payment Forms. If you are not yet familiar with the payment fields, you can check this guide as a starting point: Order Form Basics.

Here's a quick step by step information to explain it better.

1. In your payment wizard, you should see two options when you setup a PRODUCT:



2. You have ADD A QUANTITY SELECTOR and ADD A PRODUCT OPTION. You can only use SPECIAL PRICING on one of these but not both. 

3. Below is an example when you use the ADD A PRODUCT OPTION feature. Here, we want to set different prices of T-shirts based on the color options. You can see that each color has a different pricing in the table, you can fill out that table and add more rows.

4. Below is an example when you use the ADD A QUANTITY SELECTOR option. Here, you can set discounts or special pricing based on the number of items being purchased.

**Note that the Dropdown should be selected for the Special Pricing to appear. The Textbox type is not supported.

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  • Snehascare

    My prices for the product changes everyday. Is there an option i can put the price manually on the form. This is not for customer and for my sales person so the selling prices are always different everyday. I am a vegetable wholeseller, if you can suggest me any other options for this.

  • aaaakel

    Could me to disable the pricing completely? only client specify the Qty's for every item.

  • aaaakel

    1- The ADD button on ADD A QUANTITY SELECTOR section is disabled with me, I couldn't select it.
    How to set it to enable?

    2- If I want to assign fractional values in Qty (kg) dropdown list like: 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, ......itc, Could me? and how?

  • rock33mike

    I can not turn on the quantity selector? Thus I can't use the above example?

  • coolyeah

    Hello jotform. I wonder if you consider to add more type of special pricing. for example if I have a thsirt order form that price $10 per tshirt,and I add long sleeve option, than it will add $1 whether than have special price for $11 usd.

    And also I can add multiple special pricing like extra size add another $1. and more variation.

    Or else we can add more purchase order wizard.

    Jotform is awesome... but I think it has lack on this things


  • ADEX2015

    Hi I'm having some problems with the special pricings on my form

    It doesn't reflect the prices with the options that I chose for some. Could you please help me with this? It is really urgent!

  • monicabyrd

    Can you note when Special Pricing ends? Or do you just have to delete the product?

  • metalsunny

    i love jotform i managed to apply all my product options and prices to it. Than you

  • ad_putra55

    can i setting no want direct order to paypal account page. i need a order send to my inbox email.

  • rasoi

    How Do i get the Bulk option

    0 = 0
    20 = 1500
    40= 2500
    60 = 3000

    Lokking forward to hear from you

  • SimonGreen

    Sorry but just wasted 2hrs, another widget of Jotform that doesnt work

  • jfreemom

    I want to do special pricing but the algorithm doesn't seem to add for each item. For instance, I want to offer a discount for 10 or more. Instead of add up 10 at $5 which would equal $50, it just subtotals $5 for Qty 1 instead of the $50 for 10 Qty. Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?

  • AllTiedUp

    I set up special pricing on my first option and now it is crossed out and won't let me enable special pricing on any other options. How do I fix this?

  • Peter Cavanagh

    I am attempting to add a second option pricing and the form won't permit it (it is lined out) what do I do?

  • WCAA2012

    I cannot seem to get multiple options with special pricing for a custom option. I have 3 options that have different pricing. Suggestions please?

  • casssiopeia

    Is not working, doesnt matter how many items I choose the price wont change, subtotal not working, the sub options seem to say what is the final price.
    And after there how are they going to the "Pay" part?

  • cheekyface

    I'm Assuming this is the paypal widget?