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Setting up a Custom Recurring Donation Form

Setting up a Custom Recurring Donation Form

Let's say you run a charity site, and you want the donation amount to be a recurring option once your users pledged a donation. This user guide will show you how to enable a recurring custom amount donation on the form using our payment gateway integrations.

In this demo form, the donor can either select a predefined donation amount or manually provide an amount they prefer to donate.

The different custom donation selections also have different recurring periods that will allow flexible scheduling of recurring donations.

Recurring Donations

Here's how to create a custom recurring donation form:

  1. Add your preferred payment gateway to the form.
  2. In the payment wizard, add the needed information to complete the integration.
  3. Set the Payment Type to "Sell Subscriptions".
  4. Click the Continue button.
    Payment Type - Sell Subscriptions

    Proceed in adding your subscriptions, add as many as needed.

    Create New Subscription
  5. Set your desired Subscription Period and Number of Payments.
    Payment Settings
    Payment Settings

    As an example, if you want to set up a monthly subscription for a limited time, say just for 6 months, then set it like below:

    • Subscription Period = Monthly
    • Number of Payments = 6

    If you want to give your users the freedom of deciding how long they want the recurring donation to stay active, then pick "User-selected" on the Number of Payments section.

  6. To allow users to specify a custom amount on their own, toggle Variable Price to "Yes".
  7. Click Save to save the subscription you added.

Repeat all the steps for each subscription if you need to add more. Alternatively, you may also duplicate your subscriptions by clicking the gear icon then Duplicate. Make further changes to the duplicate if needed.

Duplicate Subscription

JotForm also offers a wide selection of donation form templates.

How a Recurring Subscription Can Be Canceled at Any Given Time?

  • Authorize.Net - subscription must be canceled by you from the Authorize.Net account dashboard.
  • Stripe - subscription must be canceled by you from the Stripe account dashboard.
  • PayPal - users allowed to cancel their subscriptions from within their PayPal accounts. You can also cancel the subscriptions from your PayPal account dashboard.

Note: Recurring subscriptions are not available in PayPal Checkout and Paypal Invoicing.

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  • NCDCorg

    Once a user commits to a recurring donation, how do they go about cancelling it?

  • NCDCorg

    I'm trying to customize the confirmation email from our donation form with variable subscription/recurring gifts. When I use the merge fields, I only get one field for "Gift" and it contains all the transactional info, including the type of gift (monthly, etc.), amount, plus the name and address on the credit card, plus a Transaction ID and
    Authorization Code.

    Is there a way to just have it merge the type and amount of gift? We are using, if that matters.

  • NPSFoundation

    I have square and I cannot find the subscription option. Does that feature not work with Square?

  • JeffHBM

    I am using Integration. How do I give the option for ONE TIME gift or MONTHLY recurring gift?

  • JeffHBM

    This does not match what is on the Jotform BUILD page. I can not find anything that offers RECURRING donations.

  • ashutoshjaihind

    i want to setup No. of payments as 10 in my form using stripe however there is no such option available in subscription settings

  • Wyce Ghiacy

    Can I add a one-time donation in addition to the recurring choices?

  • theMPI

    Does this set-up work for Stripe? I do not see the Number of Payments option in the Stripe configuration menu.

  • stpaulsfdr

    I do not have the sell subscriptions option in anything I see available to me.