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How to Delete My Account?

How to Delete My Account?

Deleting your account will delete all the forms and the form submissions owned by your account.

To delete your JotForm account, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Profile section of your account.
  2. Scroll down and click the Delete My Account button.
    Delete Account
    Delete Account
  3. Confirm the deletion of your account by clicking Yes, Delete in the pop-up dialog.
    Delete Account Confirmation
    Delete Account Confirmation
  4. A prompt to enter your JotForm account password will pop up.
    Enter your JotForm account password
    Enter your JotForm account password

    If you used Google or Facebook to register, and don't have a JotForm password, you can get one by resetting your JotForm account password.

  5. Enter your JotForm password and click on the Complete button.

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  • nataleechavez5

    I'm having issues deleting this account. After many failed attempts, I have changed my password and I still continue to get password incorrect.

  • Rachel_Loomis

    thanks for your help!

  • emrealsan7

    i can't delete my account and always write this message "You have entered your current password wrong" Thanks for your helps.

  • fxwrustybear

    I don't have a password. Just delete jotform.

  • bartoszcz

    I keep receiving, "You have entered your current password wrong" even though I entered the correct password. Also, tried to reset my password few times.
    So I'll like to request to simply delete my account please

  • Joseph Bruno

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  • robstark48

    I wish to unsubscribe from jotform my password is not recognised can you please delete this account.

  • Shawn Allen


    I have an account with this company linked to my email address. I don't even know what this is. I'd like to delete this account.

    Thank you,
    Shawn Allen

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  • Jeff

    Please delete my account - created with Google.

  • Larry

    I apparently I keep receiving, "You have entered your current password wrong" even though I did enter in the correct password.
    So I'll like to request to simply delete my account please.

  • reyantluke.luce.shs

    Please delete my account. Created accidentally with google.

  • miriam

    non riesco a entrare ad impostazioni perchè non mi da il tempo di cliccare che subito passa alla richiesta di fare un modulo

  • mmbubnis

    I am trying to delete my account and cannot remember my current password. When I try to change my password or update is asking for my current password. why is deleting my account so difficult? Help thank you

  • Gabita Carsal

    Quiero borrar mi cuenta por completo, pero me dice que mi contraseña es incorrecta, también cambiándola. ¿Podrías borrar mi cuenta? se creo por error

  • kayaa14700

    Hesabımı silin

  • cuauhtli510

    I have tried these steps and the system rejects my password. I've tried changing my password also, and it still says "wrong password"

  • San Abiancar

    I had to cancel my subscription (bronze) $174.00 paid on Amex which i had paid today (11am EST). I have deleted the account and will wait for the monies refunded. Thanks

  • sheinicke

    Your website is a nightmare... so much junk email and cant delete my account as it want a password and I accidently logged in with facebook account.... keeps prompting for password and not about to type that in to this dodgy site.

  • Maria

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  • Beryl Fenning

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  • Cy Kiryk

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    I signed in via facebook and I cannot delete my account because you are asking for a password that I never set up.
    Can you remove the enter password feature when trying to delete an account that has been set up using Facebook or google.

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  • josh.hajour

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    Every day I got many rubbish email

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    JOTFORM INC. 14154154154 CA
    Recurring Charge

    Please cancel I no longer user Jotform. I cannot logon I am not sure how to delete it.


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