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Managing permissions for your assignees

Managing permissions for your assignees

Assigning forms to your team is a great way to increase efficiency. But each member of your team might have different responsibilities regarding the forms that they're assigned based on their role. As the form owner, you can set different permissions for different assignees. These different permission levels are as follows:

🔘Submit Only

Assignees may submit a form only; they cannot view/edit their submissions.

🔘 Submit & View Later

Assignees may submit a form and view their submissions, but they cannot edit/delete their submissions.

🔘 Submit & Edit Later 

Assignees may view and edit their submissions whenever they want.

You can set these permissions from the Assign Form settings:

To manage assignee permissions

1. Go to the Publish tab.

2. Click on Assign Form in the left menu.

3. Click on the assignee list.

4. You can change the permissions from the dropdown that appears to the left of the three dots on the right side of the popup.

We hope this guide helps you understand how to manage permissions for your forms. If you need any assistance, feel free to let us know!

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  • shirli

    For the 3 different permission levels, are they all available for the assignees of a HIPAA account?

    In particular "Submit & Edit Later"?
    If yes, is this done through the assignee's JotForm user account (only edit from within the assignees' account)?

  • claybenjamin

    I have a fillable PDF Form that I want customers to be able to fill out and submit and then have an employee fill out a portion.
    Is this possible?

  • REIConstruction

    Do they need to create their own jotform sign in to access the forms assigned to them? I guess what I'm asking is how do they access their assigned forms on the jotform app?