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Photography Forms

Photographers need specific information from their clients before they can even point their camera. That’s why it’s handy to have professional online photography forms do the heavy lifting. With JotForm you can collect electronic signatures, deposit payments, shoot date and location details, and much more — all through the same form!

JotForm photography form templates will jump start your session agreements, model release forms, order forms, photo consent forms, and inquiry forms with ease. When someone responds through one of your forms, you get notifications sent directly to your inbox or to one of JotForm’s dozens of integrations. A picture perfect form will improve responses and organize all of the information you need.

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Model Release Form

Photography Forms

Get permission to snap photos before you take out your camera. Protect your client’s likeness and copyright with a free model release form. Customize this model release form to list your terms and conditions. Capture legally binding digital signatures with our smooth signature widget.

Photography Contract Form

Photography Forms

Collect client information, payments, and legally binding signatures with a free photography contract that presents your terms and conditions. Integrate your online photography contract with a payment gateway and collect online payments from clients.

Wedding Photography Contract And Agreement Forms With Paypal Invoicing

Photography Forms

Gather wedding photo orders online. Integrate this free Wedding Photography Agreement Form with PayPal Invoicing to bill clients instantly and get paid faster!

Request A Photographer

Photography Forms

No matter what you shoot, set up this Request a Photographer form on your website to quickly and easily organize incoming requests. Customize this photography request form template to match your studio and collect all necessary session details, such as location, start and end time, and any special instructions.

Wedding Photography Booking Form

Photography Forms

Use this free wedding photography booking form to gather requests for engagement, ceremony, and reception photos or videos. Integrate this photography booking form template with a payment gateway to collect deposits online.

Newborn Photography Contract

Photography Forms

If you take professional photos of babies, use this free newborn photography contract to manage requests online. Modify this newborn photography contract template to include model release information, terms and conditions, or signature fields. Your online newborn photography contract will gather all photoshoot information at once so you can spend more time preparing to photograph a newborn's first moments.

Photography Session Booking Form

Services Forms

This photography session booking form template can be used for booking online photo sessions in a short time. It includes a contract and a copyright agreement as well as a deposit payment option. You can collect the session booking information in a secure way through this booking form template and it is completely free to use.

Photography Order Form

Photography Order Forms

Here's a very simple photography order form which is designed for a photography session order. This photography form templates captures purchaser personal information and shows package details in different sections. You can customize the photography order form for your own needs.

Photography Session Agreement Bbphoto

Business Forms

Are you looking for a photography session agreement form? You found it! This photo session agreement form is an agreement that allows gathering client's contact details, session details, the client's signature. Also, this photography session contract template includes your terms&conditions.

Photography Client Agreement Form

Consent Forms

If you search for a form for the agreement to photography, you can provide for your customers to book a session, sign the agreement and submit it online, by using photography agreement form template. You can provide a photography client contract for your customers through this simple photography session contract.

Photography Contact Form

Photography Forms

This photography contact form is used by professional photographers. It allows gathering clients information such as name, spouse, due date, address, phone number, number of siblings. Also, it contains the clients' signature.

Standard Wedding Photography Contract Form

Photography Forms

A detailed form a photographer can use as booking form to be filled out by their prospective clients before their wedding event. It has a bride and groom personal information section, ceremony and reception details, with an option to choose a package made by the photographer for the ceremony and a terms and condition section that will serve as binding contract for both parties. This is a useful wedding an photography form that can be used to gather information of the bride as an example to set up photo-shoots.

Photography Model Release

Photography Forms

If you are a photographer, you can use this model release form template. With this online model release form, it's easier to give the rights of your image upon a photo-shoot. Model consent form includes personal information of clients and contract.

Family/Child Photography Contract

Photography Forms

Do you photograph families? This family photography contract template that includes client information, session information, terms&conditions and client's signature, allows you can create a contract. This family portrait session contract is useful and easy to use. You can add new fields or change the fields. So, you can customize this photographer contract.

Photographer Application Form

Photography Forms

Do you want to create a form that collects photographer applicants? Simply use this photographer application form template to gather information about the applicants. With this photography job application form, you can collect contact, experience information of applicants and also if any, ask for their online portfolios.

Senior Photography Questionnaire

Questionnaire Templates

Sending a questionnaire to your clients, like senior students prior to a photo shoot, is very important. With this free photography questionnaire, you can get to know who they are, what are the things they like, they can also get the idea about the photography you offer with its features. This senior photography questionnaire would help you bring your photography business to the next level!

Wedding Day Photography Planner Form

Order Forms

This form is basically used for wedding event plans. Bride and Grooms can apply online and decide all type of events including its time, venue, parents and kids, photography, receptions.

Newborn Photography Contract

Contact Forms

Do you photograph a newborn? It is very cute! Do you need a newborn photography contract? This newborn photography contract template allows collecting name, address, email, phone number, signature. Also, this newborn photography contract sample includes terms and conditions. You can photograph cute babies with this newborn photography contract.

Wedding Package With Price Change

Order Forms

Do you handle video coverage of weddings and events or perhaps it's included in one of your wedding packages? Here's a wedding package template that you can use for videography. It's a simple price package template that contains an agreement, your client's details, and package details in general. You can add more fields depending on your video coverage as this form uses the Purchase Order field to easily manage the services you offer.

Photography Portrait Session Booking

Booking Forms

Booking a photography portrait session, with extra options, choices and PayPal payment.

Photo Order And Shipping Form

Order Forms

This is a photo order and shipping form which allows photo files to be uploaded as a product. The form is written in Spanish.

Photography Portrait Session Contract Belle Marie Photography

Business Forms

This portrait photography contract form is the form you need to run your photography business smoothly. If you require your clients to sign and agree to your presented legal terms and conditions, this portrait photography contract is designed for this purpose. This portrait photography contract template asks basic personal information, agreement checkboxes, and the e-signature to sign the legal terms. If you want to consider doing away with paperwork and instead use an online form, this portrait session contract is the right form to make the contract signing seamless. So what are you waiting for? Use an online portrait session contract now!

Photography Client Agreement Form Cap

Business Forms

Use this form to eliminate possible miscommunications between you, the photographer, and the client. This form is to be filled and signed by your client before the photography session.

Photography Photo Package Order Form 2

Event Registration Forms

Form used when looking to book a full package of Photography for any special events. Weddings, Birthdays, Bridal showers, Baby Showers, etc.

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