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Getting the Form iFrame Code

Getting the Form iFrame Code

iFrames are commonly used on embedding 3rd party services to your web page. Social sharing buttons, various widgets, and most of the stuff out there are added with iFrame code.

Don't know the difference between embed codes? Check it out here.

Copy the iFrame Embed Codes correctly and pretty much nothing can break the form on your page. Since your form is called inside an iFrame it does not conflict with anything on your page.

To get the iframe code, please follow these steps:

1. Click PUBLISH at the top of your Form Builder.

2. Go to the EMBED section.

3. Select the IFRAME embed option.

4. Lastly, click the COPY CODE button to copy the codes.

Tell us how'd you do? Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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  • CartechElectronics

    Thanks, yes, I'm using the iFrame method.

  • heyartmama2020

    When trying to embed my jotform code into Adobe Portfolio I get an error "This embed code is not valid" I've tried IFrame too and always this error message. Any info shared would be oh-so appreciated!

  • shaguftamirza246

    sir how can i embed a quiz on my artical .

  • Neil_armer

    I get this message when i try to embed IFRAME code on sharepoint?

    "We can't show this embedded content because the code seems to be incomplete. Make sure that the embed code includes width, height and a valid address for the src attribute."


    I selected the embed IFrame code as you suggested, no difference..
    What is Platforms - Like Wordpress we use?


  • laurienne.thesen

    Would it be possible to pull this embed markup through the API? That would help our users during setup a lot, and would enable us to automatically embed these forms for them without this needed step for our not so savvy users.

  • cedars1919

    I am unable to get the iframe embed code to function properly on my SharePoint site. It keeps telling me the embed code is incomplete...
    What do I do to embed the form?

  • Krouch

    Thanks, got it

  • vkpuresafe

    Thanks again.
    There is no iframe widget in the version of Elementor I am using. I copied the iframe script and pasted it into the HTML widget frame of Elementor on the customer engagement form page of the website. So far the only glitch I notice is on the Cell Phone view. When holding the Cell Phone in the vertical position the bottom of the form is cutoff and the signature field is missing. However, when you start entering data into the fields at the top of the form you can then scroll to the bottom and the rest of the form is there. But, when you try to enter your signature as soon as you lift your finger off the screen the form jumps right back up to the top to fill in the other fields. This of course is very inconvenient and time consuming. However, when turning the Cell Phone to the horizontal position the form is completely viewable with the signature field present. The Tablet seems to work fine.
    Please get back. Victor

  • Sabastian

    On my client website (Dentist) there is downloadable pdf file.
    Unfortunately this download on mobile devices is not convenient. Also it is not easy to fill it up.
    Is there a away to do this online!
    Fill the form>click to send.
    Or is there any samples to watch it!
    Thank you

  • Sushil Prasad Sharma

    please make it more clear

  • lakshmisri.bv17

    ok once iframe code copy and after that the paste in that code in app.js but i have errors how to solve the solution

  • uharvard

    Can someone please call me @ (305) 467-1024. Everything was working fine last week , but now people have contacted stating there not able to send $$$.
    Thank You

  • DonnTerada

    Last part of form is still cut off and not accessible

  • kevinharing

    je n'arrive toujours pas à voir mon formulaire dans mon email. J'ai copié le code iframe, enregistré en .html et ajouté en tant que ficher depuis Outlook "insérer en tant que texte et rien n’apparaît dans le corps de mon email. qu'est-ce que je fais mal ? y-a-t-il une autre intégration possible ?

  • peter_lee_omnifm

    I can embed it fine, but then it does not appear full screen

  • corbinvisual

    I can embed it fine, but then it does not appear full screen, even when toggled

  • Rubel

    Why I can't copy this codes?

  • max123jot

    got it
    but what i would like to make and index.html file which takes the user directly to the jotform, without needing to go to a web site


  • Pavel Ceap

    Trying for our website.. .Thanks :)

  • encomm.webmaster

    Brilliant, many thanks for the very prompt response, works beautifully.


  • skhpa2

    these instructions for embedding in facebook don't make any sense !!!

  • websmakkes

    mengapa harus login terlebih dahulu baru bisa formnya tidak inginkan ini

  • walshde

    I've done this and I'm still getting an error:

    We can't show this embedded content because the code seems to be incomplete. Make sure that the embed code includes width, height and a valid address for the src attribute.

  • Double_David

    Thank you I got as far as copying the code but couldn't see where to put it on WordPress, please help if you can

  • mahlonmoore

    I was having problems getting the javascript embed to work correctly. Tech support suggested using iFrame instead and it works OK, although it won't center on the page unless I make it a full browser width embed. Didn't really want to do that, but it works. Anyone else with this issue?

  • scottbgreene43

    pretty cut and dry....hope it works

  • Lee

    How to upload a photo from the phone to our website

  • Lee

    Can't get a picture from the cellphone please come back to me how can this be arranged 610-400-5914

  • Shaun

    I made some changes on my page and the jotform pencil is no longer shown. It's been working for a few months already.

    I followed the steps about the source code copy but couldn't get it working except for the iframe. However, it's not shown as a full embedded page as before.

    I need advise asap. Here is a sample

  • summerkidsmemphis

    I am getting a payment error : expected window to be the same domain - can you help?

  • 5Kforms

    That did the trick, thank you!

  • sstte18

    oh ok. thanks. I had clicked on the publish tab and iframe didn't come up as an option.

  • HanginLoose

    I was not able to do it. Can you do it for us?

  • techisles

    does this method work in wordpress?

  • Dave4777

    I'm not a real fan of iframes, but I'm testing. There is a feature which is locked that says something like auto switch to full page, but I can't unlock it !!??

  • BilegItiNarvacan

    when I copy code, what's next? Where will I paste the copied code?

  • julianenglish

    I copied the Iframe code and pasted it on my website. What I ended up with were paragraphs of code - No readible form - I am using Word Press
    What shoud I do?

  • Sara Foss

    Trying to embed JotForm contact form. Using IFRAME doesn't work - preview shows a long, skinny rectangular box. Using Souce Code - preview cuts off the bottom (as others have mentioned) and freezes up the screen. Please advise on if this will be fixed or how else I can put a contact form on a custom page!

  • hkmurano

    I did ... still same oroblemproblem.
    cut the bottom of form
    Please let me know step by step

  • adhdclinic

    Where do I put the copied code?

  • Micaelasosalaspiur

    No funciono!


    We just changed the template of our Wordpress site and our jotforms no longer appear. I've used every embed code that you provide and none work. We do not have a paid subscription to add a plugin. Any suggestions?

  • AliAli1982

    Then What?

  • karimendoza

    DOES NOT WORK - I realllly reallly need someone to respond to my email sent please

  • theangette

    This is still not working and it is very frustrating that you guys do not have a human I can speak to on the phone.

  • theangette

    It is still not working.

  • Wingzy

    it worked

  • jgdunbar

    the page we have the link on is a sharepoint portal & it does not support IFRAME code. just the ulr which was working up till a few days ago. other forms we have posted are having the same issue.

  • Cambabes2018

    Hi my email is I can not seem to get the pay pal subscription payment working. Could you please help me ?