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Adding a form to your Weebly website

Adding a form to your Weebly website

Weebly is one of the biggest online website builders, which enables its users to build and deploy stunning-looking websites, blogs or online stores in minutes. They make it really easy.

It's just as easy to add your JotForm form to your Weebly website with the JotForm App for Weebly

Add JotForm to Weebly

 Adding the JotForm to Weebly

To use the JotForm App for Weebly, you need to add it to your Weebly account so that you can easily access your forms, and create a new one of the fly. 

Just open JotForm Click "Add" on from  the Weebly App Center.

Add JotForm to Weebly

It will only take a few minutes to add JotForm to Weebly.  Check out this short video that shows you how to add JotForm to Weebly. 

The JotForm App for Weebly allows you to do the following right from Weebly:

 -  Create, design and add a new form to your Weebly Site
 -  Pick one of your forms and add them to your Weebly Site
 -  Edit any of your forms 

With just a few clicks, your form will be automatically added to your website. 

Creating and designing a new form in Weebly

You can create a new form on the fly via the Weebly Builder. Please watch the following clip to get you started: 

Pick one of your forms

The JotForm App for Weebly will fetch all the forms you previously created in JotForm, then easily add them to your Web page with a few simple clicks. 

Check out the following short clip to get you started:

Edit one of your forms
You can also edit any of the forms you've embedded on Weebly as shown below: 

It's that easy to add your JotForm forms to your Weebly website.

Got any comments, feedback or questions? Go ahead and reply below. 

Happy Building. :-)

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  • rosa morris

    hey I already have a working jot form on my weebly website but i need help to edit the form please

  • Darlene Kelly

    Am I able to add a "fillable form" that I created in word?

  • it_help

    I have a SUBMIT button on my jotform that does not show up on my weebly site. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix for this?

  • Yashu

    How can I make website's webpages using my own source codes instead of predefined tools in weekly.

  • TeijaHG

    Can't use this app! Just now, I'm trying to start with a blank form o a Weebly site and it's just flashing "Creating new form". I can see that it's switching back and forth "waiting" for two sites: and What's going on?

  • ascooter4uinc

    you form works great but after reading the e-mails that you have forward to weebly, there is no way to delete them.
    Send info to:

  • pleonard056

    Adding a form to my site is not the problem, your forms will not show up in my dashboard as forms received.

  • Johnny1

    Why don't you brilliant people over there offer a clip on how to edit a previously produced form at weebly. It sure as hell isn't intuitive.