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How to Integrate JotForm with Zoho CRM

How to Integrate JotForm with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management service to help observe your relationships anywhere from some popular social networks to mobile phones.

JotForm captures leads from your website and sends customer data to Zoho where you’ll be able to develop & keep healthy relationships with your newest visitors.

How to Setup the Zoho CRM Integration:

1. Get a Zoho CRM account

2. In the FORM BUILDER, click SETTINGS at the top > then INTEGRATIONS on the left

3. Either search for Zoho using "zoho" as your search keyword or filter the dropdown list to CRM

4. With Zoho, there are 2 ways to authenticate your account. It's either by using your Zoho login credentials or authentication token.

5. Next, select whether you want to send the form data as leads or contacts. Then map the fields you want from JotForm to Zoho.


Trigger Workflow - If you want to trigger Zoho Workflow, select Yes

Duplicate Record Check - Select whether you want to updating existing record, don't add the record or create duplicate once duplicate submission is found.

6. Complete the integration and you're good to go.

Important Notes:

With Zoho Integration, not all field types are supported.

Supported fields are the following:

- Text Box

- Dropdown

- Check Box

- Radio Button

As much as possible, use the Full Name, Email, Address and Phone Number fields. They work best as counterpart fields in Zoho.

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  • KhalidOdeh

    Fine these steps, but How can I use the Zoho inside the form?

  • KhalidOdeh

    Fine these steps, but How can I use the Zoho inside the form?

  • MichelleStreeton

    Can you use the integration on a trial or not?

  • platinumlive

    I want to include the telephone country code in the data that is passed from JotForm to Zoho, example +61 for Australia; the full telephone number is passed thru to Zoho but the + symbol gets dropped or ignored somewhere along the way. The + symbol is needed for an automatic dialler that's used by a call centre.


  • mariarus

    I don't know where I can find my username in Zoho...Any clue?

  • elliedigity

    Can JotFrom integrate with custom fields in Zoho CRM, or only the standard fields?

  • shahabeddini

    I am met by this message when setting up to Zoho CRM - what does it mean EXCEEDED_MAXIMUM_ALLOWED_AUTHTOKENS?