How to Integrate Forms With Google Sheets

January 12, 2023

Google Sheets is a powerful data management tool that helps you organize data and collaborate with others. You can integrate your forms with Google Sheets to automatically forward your form entries to your spreadsheet. New form data will be sent to your spreadsheet instantly so you and your team can view and analyze it right away.

Here’s how to integrate your form with Google Sheets:

  1. In Form Builder, click on Settings at the top.
  2. Choose Integrations on the left.
  3. Search and select Google Sheets.

Note: You can perform the same steps to edit or delete your existing Google Sheets integration.

  1. Click on Authenticate and connect your Google account. Or, if you have already authenticated your Google account, select it from the dropdown.
  1. Once you’ve connected your account, choose whether to create a new spreadsheet or use an existing one.
  1. Set the spreadsheet name if you chose to create a new spreadsheet. Otherwise, click on Select then choose your spreadsheet from the popup window.
  2. Next, select the form fields to send to Google Sheets.


  • Submission ID is selected by default and cannot be removed. You can show, hide, or remove it later on in Google Sheets.
  • Leave the Send existing submissions to the sheet enabled if you want to include your existing form entries, prior to the integration, in your spreadsheet.
  1. Finally, click on Save at the bottom to complete the setup.


  • Changes in your Google Sheets spreadsheet don’t affect your Jotform form entries.
  • Renaming the column headings in Google Sheets may break the integration — you can redo the integration in Jotform to fix it.
  • Adding filters in Google Sheets may stop your spreadsheet from updating — you can reapply the filters in Google Sheets to see the updates.
  • Inline edit in Tables doesn’t push entry updates to Google Sheets, unlike entry edit.
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