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Understanding Form Collaboration

Understanding Form Collaboration

One of the exciting new things in JotForm V4 is Form Collaboration. It's a real-time, seamless experience where multiple team members can simultaneously work on the same form. All changes are automatically uploaded so you always edit the most current version.

Whether you're in front of a PC or on-the-go with your mobile phone, building forms with your co-workers is now as easy as sharing a link.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that ALL CHANGES made by EVERYONE will be saved automatically so communication would be a key factor when building and editing forms with team members.

Collaboration starts with the person who wants to share his form with someone else. It won't matter whether the collaborator has a JotForm account or not. Each collab session will have its own unique session URL that you can share with someone else.

To get the link, click the ADD COLLABORATORS icon at the top right of your Form Builder > copy the link > then share it with others. Yup, it's as simple as that!

There are helpful visual cues when someone successfully joins the collaboration. Their respective avatars would show up at the top right. If the person who got the Collaboration Link doesn't have JotForm account, they will appear as Guests (e.g. guest_1234567890).

On top of that, fields highlighted by someone else will be marked by their respective Avatars too. This will make it easier, visually, to know who's working on what. 😉

Here's a short demonstration of someone using a mobile device doing a real-time collab session with someone else using a PC.

Give it a try and start building forms with your team members!

Post your comments and suggestions below, we'd love to hear from you about this new feature. If you have a question, visit our Support Forum so we can help.

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  • Reta

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  • gbeek

    If the person I added as a collaborator has a bronze account, but I don't, can they use the form without branding?

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  • dedmonds

    is there a way to end the collaboration so that form can't be changed later by the other person?

  • formularioslinkages

    Hi, can I do this with the answers? For example, person # 1 sends the form to the other person # 2 to continue responding, so she can see the responses of people # 1 and continue to answer the form?

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  • Marikopo

    How do I get more people to see my jotform

  • cpinzonhamilton

    I received a collaborator link from the person who created a form. The link doesn't give me access to the forms that have been completed and submitted already. Would you mind to tell how I can access them?


  • gtalley

    I everyone i would like to collaborates with people but i have no idea how to do it.I will like some explaination from you guys pls😌 Thanks😌

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  • Threelyness Manners

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  • NUC

    Is there the ability within jotform for END USERS to collaborate on the contents of a form prior to it being submitted? (e.g. form shared between departments for input before being sent to executive, etc.)

  • Ahsor

    What is the nature of the program?

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  • Nazan

    20 yaşında mağaza görselcisiyim


    Hi, we would like to know how do you turn off the real-life collaboration so no one can edit the form?