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Using the JotForm Power-Up in Trello

Using the JotForm Power-Up in Trello

Trello is a premier collaboration and productivity tool loved by millions. 

With the JotForm Power-Up in Trello, You can now build, design and  share your forms on Trello without having to leave your Trello card.

The first thing you have to do is connect your JotForm account: 

Once you've connected your JotForm account, you can build new forms together with your team: 

You can make changes on any of the forms you create together, like applying a cool theme: 

You can optionally attach a form to your card, and have your team fill it out: 

You can keep track of form submissions by checking if any of the attached forms have a notification, or you can optionally attach a grid report, which can be opened with a single click:

Now you can build and share forms collaboratively and easily right from your Trello Card, saving you lots of planning and implementation time when rolling out webform tasks.  

Did you give it a try? Do you have any feedback? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • gbusha

    It would be amazing if JotForm could map with custom fields!

  • Greg_Jones_gjones


    I'm looking to have all of the data that was submitted into a form, show up in a created card in Trello. We have something like 25 questions and want all the answers to show up in one Trello card, how do I do that?

  • Creg Mixon

    I am trying to authorize jotform as a powerup but when the authentication window comes up it will not accept my login credentials. It seems like it is requesting a single user account and does not accept the credentials from within my organization. Can you please assist?

  • Heather L. Dudley


    We are starting to use Trello for our team projects but would like to add invoices to our assigned task on Trello for technicians to fill out and our customers to sign off on the work once it's completed. Can JotForm help us with that?

  • Moreno_Paige

    I connected my JotForm to my Trello account. I am now trying to figure out how to make it to where if someone fills out the form, how the submission will automatically show up on the same card in PDF format?

  • stompinggroundbrewing

    HI there,

    is the only way to see a form someone has filled in either via a spreadsheet (with info from all submitted forms) or via the autorespond email?

    Also, i have set up my integration so a Trello card is automatically created but I haven't yet been able to get it to work..

  • Manuel

    How is it possible to have automatically a new card created as soon as someone filled out a jotform? Of course I would need the information out of the jotform in the new card. Thanks!

  • McCabe_Dane

    I have linked JotForm to my Trello account. I have directed JotForm to create a card. However, this is not happening. It indicates that I have completed the integration, however when it says it is finished, it does not give me the "Finish" button. I would love to use JotForms to create cards in Trello.

  • Process_Website

    It is not working well in Trello, I am trying to link it but it doesnt work

  • Emily McGowan


    I have added the JotForm PowerUp and authorised it but it's not working. Can you help?


  • amyschne

    Is this grid report available on the no charge version?

  • alyea8

    I'm trying to make a form that I can embed within a trello card for job tracking internally. That's what we use trello for but we'd like a form that we can just update within. I have the form made already. Is this something that can be done?

    We're basically looking for a way to save paper, and this was one of my ideas.

  • jscudero

    Can you limit the forms that a team member can view and select from in the jotform powerup tab dropdown?

  • jscudero

    Can the response to a jotform populate a trello board/list/card?

  • rthompson551

    When I open the "attach report" link under the JotForm power up under my card, it says there are no forms on my account, even though there clearly are. What am I doing wrong?

  • UrbanCats

    Trello connected to the wrong Jotform account. How can I change which jotform account it's attached to?

  • Ng How Seng

    I can't link Trello board to JotForm account. It gave me File Not Found error.

  • Nina

    To whom it concern. I would like to add jotform to my trello team accout.
    My purpose is as follow: A form I created with jotform should be available for certain team members in order to fill it out and keep it updated. The team members should not be allowed to see any other parts of my jotform account. Is this possible? Or is it possible on any other way that people can fill out a form, save it and add entrys at any other time? Thanks

  • gulfone

    The Point of the Integration is to create a card in trello
    My form has 10 questions
    How Can I populate all the answers into a new card
    It only gives you a 1 to 1 population
    I should be able to see all my answers in description

  • Zilly74

    How do I stop multiple cards from created in the same line with each new submission? I have it linking to a specific card in a TRello lane, but it adds new cards in that lane each time a form is submitted.

  • mbeaulieu5

    Hi, I am also encountering issues with the link between Trello account and JotForm account. Was able to create an account, and create a new form, but even though the form seems to appear in my trello card, I cannont access it, change the form, fill it, or anything else (only the "create new form" button works). When I click the link in the card, a blank window appears. Same effect encountered using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge and Mozilla.

    I read the other comments, and am wondering if the issue with EU accounts has been solved yet?

    Thank you!

  • tmnor

    I have the same problem as mentioned in the comments below. Any news on a fix?

  • janflorian

    It's an issue with EU-accounts:

  • DavidPickard

    I have exactly the same problem - conclusion - JotForm doesn't work?

  • cucurucho8

    Same as deeahern here. Any news?

  • deeahern

    Hi I can only create a form from within Trello. I am unable to fill a form, change a form, upload or attach reports. I can see the options but nothing happens when I click on one of these options.
    Can you advise please?