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How to Set Reminder Emails for Your Forms

How to Set Reminder Emails for Your Forms

With reminder emails, you can send yourself or a colleague daily, weekly or monthly emails to remind filling a form.

Are you planning a long-spanned project? Then let's get you familiar with Reminder Emails that will help you organize and keep track of this process.

A reminder email is a way for you to share your forms with your customers and/or team members on given terms regarding period, time of arrival, calendar options, and end or no-end date.

To set-up a reminder email:

1- Go to Publish panel
2- Open Email tab
3- Select Reminder Email Option

🔘 If you don't already have a reminder email set, you will be forwarded to create a new one immediately. But if you have any reminder emails set, this is where you will be managing them as explained at the bottom of this guide.

🔘 Here you will be greeted by two tabs, you have options for editing the email content on one tab and the schedule options on the other one.

4- Email Settings:

🔘 Here you will have options to customize who this email will be sent to, email subject and the body of the email. Be in the mind that you cannot change the styling of the form link button and/or add additional URLs to the body due to spam limitations.

5- Schedule Settings:

🔘 In the schedule settings, you will have different periods as daily weekly and monthly as their name suggests. (a)

🔘 The second option (b) is the special calendar setting that serves different options for each period options. For example, you may select to send emails only on the weekdays on the daily period options and on the monthly option you may select the first workday of the month, last Friday of the month, etc.

🔘 The third option (c) will be the time of arrival of the email. You may select any hourly option on the Send Time drop-down while choosing the right timezone option for your needs on the next. The default timezone is set in reference to your account settings.

🔘 Once you are done with setting up your reminder email, click on the Save button and you will be set to go.

6&7- Managing Your Reminder Emails:

🔘 In this view, if you have reminder email/s set for your form, you will be welcomed by a panel that will list the reminder emails, their schedule information and ways to create(7), edit or delete (6) them.

If you have any further questions regarding this feature, feel free to hit us up at our Support Forums any time you want!

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  • jarguello

    Quiero que les llegue el mail recordatorio de documentación a las personas que llenaron mi encuesta.

    Tengo la versión plata y solo me permite hasta 5 personas es correcto??

  • PediatricJunction

    Is there a way to send a reminder based on an appointment day/time?

  • Rynne

    What if you need to send the form daily to 55 emails?


    Why cant we use the same email field that the autoreponder uses to trigger the reminder than manually if needed unselect them from receiving the reminder?

    meaning we have hundreds of reminders needing to be set, why cant we program the email (to) field to go to (FORM FIELD) instead of entering the email?

    this is needed urgently the manual reminders is not at all efficient for even a medium size company let alone a big one, you guys are the best but small things will make a HUGE difference in our conversion.

  • lotmanagement


    Can you please look into integrating the option to send a reminder to way more than 5 email addresses at a time? or the option to include more than 3 email reminders? This seems to be extremely limited for most forms as they normally go out to a much bigger group of people. The reminder tool is extremely helpful and beautifully put together + easy to manage however it becomes useless with the limitation on email addresses.

    Thank you for help!

  • GraceChildrensTherapy

    Why is jotform not saving my email reminders. Its only saving the first 3.

  • jarguello

    Do the people that filled my form receive the reminder every day?
    Or just the form's creator receives the email?

  • LeeLouttit

    I have three groups of "Scheduled Email" reminders set up, but I can't seem to create more schedule emails. My account is only giving me to option to have x 3 (15 people in total) outgoing scheduled email reminders. Also, is there a way of sending a scheduled email out to more that 5 addresses at a time? Regards, Lee.

  • BluePearlsEnrichmentFoundationI


    Can we set up a reminder to go to applicants that have completed Scholarship Application Form 1 but not yet completed Scholarship Main Form? or even if they have completed it, we can tell them to ignore the reminder. How would we do this? Is there a way to feed the email address from Form 1 to the reminder email address?

    Thank you.

  • Amukelani

    I need to set a reminder

  • stephenkuszelyk

    Is this available on the free plan or only on paid plan?

  • J2thaVO

    when I create a reminder email, is there a possibility to automaticly select the emailadresses that didn't respont yet on the jotform?

  • in2science

    Hi there jotform,
    Has the number of scheduled reminder emails allowed changed recently? I had several set up for different emails on different days of the week. I've just gone in to edit them but now I can't seem to have more than 3 scheduled reminders at a time. I can't find any information about how many reminder emails are permitted on each of the paid plans - can you let me know what's changed, and why? And if there is a way to have more than 3 on the Bronze plan?

    Thanks in advance

  • eliran2k2

    Hey, I live in Israel and our work Days is from Sunday to Friday.
    I want to send a daily reminder but I can't find Sunday-Friday in the available Daily options.
    Can you step in and help?

  • jerrytribuzio

    Button to fill out form on bottom of reminder email should be simple link. The blue button and text is too dark to read. I understand we can't change it but it doesn't look good.

  • westvalleymavericks

    Has the location of the "reminder" email changed? I am not seeing it.


    Thank you so much for your help this is so amazing and where have you been all of my life :0)happy new user.


    Is it possible to change the sender E-Mail from to my setup E-Mail address - like in the Autoresponder? Thank you.

  • jackkellerinc

    Why can't the email be sent to the user who started filling out the form but has not completed it? This would be incredibly helpful

  • grahamlaw

    So unless we manually cancel the reminder, this will email everyone, including those who already filled out the form and do not need a reminder?

    Is it too difficult to implement checking first? I don't think I would use this feature, as people who have already filled out the form would not appreciate a "reminder" to do something they already did.

  • davsun55

    Does this provide the ability to use fields from their previous form, or information from say a .CSV? That would allow us to customise the emails with an amount outstanding and/or confirmation of their booking details.