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Adding Mailchimp Subscribers to Interest Groups

Adding Mailchimp Subscribers to Interest Groups

Groups are useful for building list segments for sending to target audiences. With JotForm, you can either select the groups yourself or let form users select their groups.

Select groups for subscribers

All groups are displayed under their selective category. Simply select the groups to assign to all new subscribers created for each submission. That's it!

Let subscribers select their groups

Each group category must be mapped to a JotForm field—that field must produce a value or values that match the names of groups under that category.

For example, let's say you want to categorize subscribers according to their car type preference:

You must first manually add a JotForm field that contain these options.

Your JotForm field's label does not need to match the group category name in Mailchimp, but the options should be exact matches of the groups under your category.

 If you want to allow multiple selections, a check box field would be suitable. For single selections, a drop down or radio field should be used. 

It is also possible to use fields that produce a single value, like a short entry field or even a calculation widget.

After adding your field/s, start mapping them to your group categories.

Don't forget to save the changes in your integration after mapping the fields.

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  • Rilla Keminen

    Hi! I have created a form and integrated it with Mailchimp. Now I'm trying to tag OR group the submission on Mailchimp based on the first selection on the form but I can't see this option presented in the last photo (Interest groups). Is it a paid feature or why can't I see it?