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How to Move and Align Fields in a PDF Template

How to Move and Align Fields in a PDF Template

Our new PDF Editor now lets you move and align fields in the PDF document or the PDF copy of the form submissions. This new feature will make it easier for you to customize the PDF layouts, especially for creating columns.

So, how do you move and align fields? Please follow the steps below:

1. Click the field that you would like to align.

2. Hover your mouse to the right-bottom where the resize icon shows up, see screenshot below:

3. Hold your mouse-left-key and drag the field to resize:

You will notice that the background of the field is highlighted with light blue indicating that you are resizing the field. 

Release the mouse key to stop resizing.

4. Do the same for the other fields that you would like to align and move to the top beside the first field that you have just resized.

5. Now, hover your mouse to any corner of the field that you would like to move. Make sure that the move icon shows up, like this:

6. Hold, Drag and Drop the field to where you'd like to align it. You'll see the same light blue background and a floating-like field indicating that you are moving the field somewhere:

That's it! You're done. See example below:

If you have any questions, any difficulties moving and aligning fields, please let us know in the comments box below or head over to our support forum

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  • AceCo

    That DOESN'T seem to work - you can't align say three fields precisely in a single row so that the field names are aligned ... or if there IS a way, please let me know HOW
    Despite trying over and over again to resize the fields and place them precisely I could never get them lined up.
    And I have about 140 fields to adjust manually ... no thanks.
    So my pdf document looks nothing like my form.

    Wasted a whole day trying and waiting for support to firstly not answer my question and then admit there is no auto align feature in pdf editor ... and I can't get it done manually.

  • PCOilfield

    Why is it that the created form has a different layout in the PDF version? Do i have to make it the same on my own or is there a trick?


    I am adding a table fields to pdf editor and I am having a hard time lining up and adjusting each field. Do you have an auto selector where I can just line up all of them and resize them equally?

  • AutoActionGroup

    Why am I having the hardest time trying to rearrange the fields in the pdf? When clicking the right-hand corner - to resize the field - the field acts like it doesn't want to resize. then when I move it to where it needs to be - it is close to impossible to align the fields. What is going on?

  • forkjg

    The boxes seem to auto resize when I move them. ???