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How to integrate JotForm with Airtable

How to integrate JotForm with Airtable

Airtable combines two of the most powerful business tools in productivity;  spreadsheets and databases, to provide an incredibly flexible way of organizing your data. Whatever you want to do with your data or information, chances are you can do it with Airtable.

The Airtable Integration on JotForm allows you to seamlessly send your data to Airtable, making it possible to manage your form data in Airtable.

The integration is pretty simple to set up, and you can do it in three simple steps:

1. On the builder, locate the Airtable Integration from the settings menu - go ahead and paste in your Airtable API Key. This guide will help you locate your Airtable API Key:

2. Select which of your bases you would like to connect to, then select one of the tables within that base:

3. Map the fields on your Table with the fields on your form and click 'save' to complete the Integration:

You can create multiple connections to various Airtable bases and tables with the same integration:

That's It!
Your form data will be sent to Airtable every time your form is submitted. If a form submission does not have any data on it, nothing will be sent over.

Have you tried this yet? How did it go?
Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  • kadampa

    Hi There
    Does the quantity gift registry integrate with airtable?

  • Analytiq

    Hi I'm trying to connect some fields into Airtable but some of the fields are greyed out on the Jotform side and I can't assign an Airtable field to the field. Why would that be? It allows me to do it for Name, email, but the other fields are not being allowed.


  • nilesh.kapadia

    Hi - I have set-up the Jotforms - Airtable integration as guided above. However, I do not see the data of the forms submitted reflecting into the Airtable as yet. Can you please look into it or provide me with trouble shooting notes. Thanks

  • vamutualaidbeacon

    How do you pass appointment information from JotForm into Airtable? I can't seem to find a field type that will accept appointment date/time.

  • cvenegas18

    I have the same comment/question as nccresources. I am not able to see his answer, or I would review. I have linked fields on two tables in Airtable. When I use the JotForm integration to bring data into each table, my linked fields do not populate. Is there a solution for this?

  • cjp_piano

    Does this only work with NEW submissions? What if I already have submissions? Will they sync into my airtable sheet? I'm not seeing anything transfer over . . .

  • nccresources

    This integration will be unusable for a lot of people until you can send data to linked fields.

  • AviDo

    The biggest feature in Airtable is it linked records. Unfortunately this seems not to work with the jotform integration. Is it planned to implement this important function?

  • Thompsonet

    When trying to map, most fields are greyed out and unelectable after the first few matches.

  • apamela

    I have a few configurable list in my form and now syncing with Airtbale.
    Unfortunately, the configurable list questions are not recognized. (On Airtable, I tried both form Single line text and long text but none of it worked).
    Can you help?

  • jbucy

    I can't get my dropdown form field to display from another table within my airtable base. Is this possible?

  • azphil

    Uploading files to JotForm don't transfer to AirTable.

    Either upload the file to an AirTable Attachment type (the only setting allowed) or have the link of the file's upload go into a URL type in AirTable (which is not allowed)


  • mmeyrow

    Do I need a paid account for this? I need to have people fill out a form that updates an Airtable Base.

  • rcommunity

    I've been able to get all my form data into AirTable except for one critical piece. I need to create a Unique ID for the form registration and pass that to AirTable as well.

    I've tried the Unique ID widget as well as the Random Value Generator widget and neither of those show up as viable selections to import into one of my AirTable fields, regardless of what type I make the field in AirTable.

    Is there a problem transferring widget field data to AirTable that I don't know about?


  • kimtrager

    Is it possible to be able to load airtable info into a drop down menu - like when you make a form in airtable and uses linked records?

  • hoodblasters

    Will Airtable be updated if I edit the submission from admin portal after it was submitted?

  • ian.jansen

    Im delighted with the potential of integration but Jotform doesnt seem to be able to pass certain variables over to Airtable. Currently im trying to pass through {uniqueid}... but it seems that anything thats a widget does not integrate is that right. Appreciate any insights and help anyone might have

  • jimedington

    To make this integration more useful, it should be a two-way street. If I already have the data sitting in an airtable, allow me to type in a unique identifier (like an email address) and then pull in all applicable (mapped) data to the form. This would speed up forms for my team immensely.

  • Pitchblak

    Hi - I haven't been able to get this to work. I'm trying to get multiple files (images) uploaded to an attachment column in airtable but this integration isn't pulling anything into it

  • KNicosia

    Set up was easy, but I guess too easy, since it did not work. I completed the form as a test and although my reply was submitted and I received the email notification nothing appeared on airtable...despite it saying integration was successful and it was up and running.


  • ohioalumni

    This integration was released prematurely. It should just work....

  • Matt Tobias

    With the airtable integration can attachments also sync over.



    It seems that the integration is possible only for basic information. Is there any chance to connect direclty (without Zapier) multiple choice questions or conditional questions?

  • shahargurari

    Is there an option to use data from Air-table sheet in the questioner?
    I mean to use relevant information about person and present it on the form I send to him and to add his answers to other sheet on Airtable? Maybe it can be done via API??

  • allialosa

    I'm super excited about this integration, but it looks like mapping to linked record fields in Airtable isn't supported - none of my linked record fields show up in the list of choices. Would love confirmation if that's correct or not. :)

  • Magdalena_info

    For the life of me I can't figure out why a NUMBER value from JotForm will not work with Airtable's number nor rating fields. This is discouraging since column types are particularly beneficial for Blocks visualizations. I would like to use Card Forms to collect cancellation feedback efficiently and map it to my base. Looks like Zapier will still be a requirement for the time being until all the column types are supported natively by JotForm.

  • Liendo_Omar

    Integration works well, except that only data is transferred to one of the tables, and not the second table that i created relatsionships for.

    "JotForm1" mapped fields to "Player Info" table = Works!
    "JotForm1" mapped fields to "Player Payment" table (second table) = Nothing shows up!

    Any ideas as to why the second table does not populate the data, even though all fields have been mapped successfully?

  • jotformAcademic

    This is great. However, will there be options to also include some of the meta data that is currently included in the google sheets integration including: The Submission ID, the IP address, the Edit Submission Link, The Submission Date/Time? Also, will there be a way to attach a copy of the Submission PDF? I know that form uploads are direct links, but the link to the Submission PDF isn't and that has caused us issues in the past trying to attach it to AirTable.

  • pwall05

    Everything looks good, except nothing shows up on the Airtable end. Are there any additional resources? Settings perhaps? Or something on the Airtables end I need to change?