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How to integrate ActiveCampaign with your form

How to integrate ActiveCampaign with your form

ActiveCampaign offers one of the smoothest experiences for marketing automation, providing a premier set of features to help you manage your contacts and evaluate the prospective direction of your campaign.

With the ActiveCampaign integration, you can extend your workflow automation to your form by updating your contacts, adding a contact to automation, adding a note to a contact and creating deals.

1. To get started, go ahead and authorize your form to connect to Active Campaign:

2. Then, if you are adding or updating your ActiveCampaign contacts, you can map the fields on your form to the corresponding ActiveCampaign fields. Additionally, you can dynamically tag your contacts using one or more of the multiple choice or single choice fields:

3. Using the same integration, you can add multiple actions that are triggered every time your form is submitted; Add a contact to an automation, add a note to a contact or create a deal:

And that's It! Your contacts and deals will be automatically updated as you get more responses on your form.

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  • mikehenrysr

    Is there no option to send separate first name and last name fields? My only option is to pass full name, but my forms, AC automations and AC emails use a separate first name and last name field.

  • Telfer

    Hello, I'm trying to use a Jotform for a survey and action the answers with Activecampaign. I have many questions that can be answered with multiple values. The transfer of tags or field data does not handle the multiple values well. The tag function seems binary (any answer adds a tag). It would be more useful to apply a tag based on what the answer actually is. The field functions requires the manual creation of an Activecampaign custom field with the precise values in the Jotform questions/answers. This is time consuming and then requires an automation in Activecampaign to add a tag based on the answer. I hope this input can be used to better this integration. Thanks, Geoff