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How to Use Kiosk Mode in JotForm Mobile Forms

How to Use Kiosk Mode in JotForm Mobile Forms

We're excited to introduce a new great feature included in our reinvented mobile app — kiosk mode. You can use this feature on a smartphone or tablet, whether you're online or offline. Kiosk mode is available for both iOS and Android.

Kiosk mode turns your device into a survey station. Kiosk mode with Screen Lock gives form respondents access only to a specific form and doesn't allow access to other apps. You can easily and securely receive multiple form submissions. This is a great choice for conferences, fundraisers, social events, trade shows, meetings, other types of events, and onsite and offsite data collection.

The form automatically returns to the start page after each submission. The sessions are completely separate, so the data is secure.

You can collect form entries even if you're offline. The data is stored on your device and automatically syncs with your JotForm account once you have an internet connection.

To enable kiosk mode, click on your form.

Select the Open in Kiosk Mode.

Choose between the Continue with Screen Lock and Continue without Screen Lock options. The screen lock option will not allow the user to close kiosk mode.

If you select the screen lock option, you will need to set a four-digit PIN. You must enter the PIN to close kiosk mode.

After you make your selection, the app will give you instructions about how to close kiosk mode.

While in kiosk mode, the form will show a thank you page for five seconds after a submission, and then it will auto restart. See it in action below.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sarah Humphries

    Would be great if Kiosk mode would allow multiple forms to be available. Have reviewed the workaround but it doesn’t display very neatly

  • cbinder


    I am very excited about the jotform mobile app and so many of it's features, especially the Kiosk mode and offline forms.

    Is it possible to change the restart form timing in Kiosk Mode?

    I would really like to make it shorter.

    Thank you in advance,

  • jsanz

    It is possible to make a kiosk mode session where two or more forms are available? Thanks in advance.

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