How to Change the Submission Headings in Jotform Mobile Forms

March 29, 2024

Changing submission headings in Jotform Mobile Forms can enhance the clarity and organization of your form data. By customizing the submission headings, you can make the information more meaningful and relevant to your specific use case.

This guide shows how to change the entry titles or headings when viewing submissions in Jotform Mobile Forms. For example, the following entries have Name and Email as headings:

The submission inbox in Jotform Mobile Forms

To change the submission headings

  1. In Jotform Mobile Forms, choose your form, then select Submissions.
Steps to view submissions in Jotform Mobile Forms
  1. Choose an entry.
The submission inbox in Jotform Mobile Forms
  1. Select the vertical ellipsis icon in the upper-right corner, then select View Settings.
Steps to view settings in Jotform Mobile Forms Inbox
  1. Choose the fields to use as headings, then select the back icon in the upper-left corner when finished.
The header settings in Jotform Mobile Forms Inbox
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