How to Download and Start Using Jotform Mobile Forms

December 6, 2023

Building forms and accessing submission data on your computer is great, but why not supercharge your data collection and take your forms with you?

How do you do that? With the Jotform Mobile Forms app, of course. Let’s begin!

  1. Jotform Mobile Forms is available through both the App Store and Google Play. Click the appropriate button below to begin the download.
Download on the App Store
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  1. Once you’ve installed the app on your mobile device, go ahead and open it. You can skip the introduction or tap Next until you’ll see the Get Started button. Tap it to open the All Forms screen.
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  1. Similar to our desktop website, you can create forms as a Guest. However, we recommend logging in to your account. At the bottom of the screen, tap Sign In option. You can log in with your Jotform username and password or log in with your Google or Facebook account. If you’re an Enterprise user, you’ll need to switch to Enterprise by tapping the Switch to Jotform Enterprise button.
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  1. Once you’re logged in, your forms will start syncing. You’ll see the sync progress at the bottom of the screen. Once that disappears, that means your forms and data are already synced. If prompted, allow the app to send you a notification.
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Please allow a few seconds for the app to sync your Jotform account data. The syncing process may take longer if you have a lot of forms and submissions in your account.

The steps above are from an Android device. The UI may be different from IOS devices.

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