How to Create Your First Form with Jotform Mobile Forms

October 19, 2021

Cre​ating your first form with Jotform Mobile Forms is very similar to creating a form on the desktop version. With our new app, you can now create forms on the go.

How do you create a form with Jotform Mobile Forms? Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Jotform Mobile Forms app.
  2. Click + Create a Form button.

3. Choose whether you want to Start From Scratch (blank form), Use Template (choose from premade forms), or Import Form (clone an existing form).

4. Select your Form Layout.

  • Classic Form – This is the traditional form where multiple questions can be placed on one page.
  • Card Form – This is ideal for quick and short forms where a single question is shown on each page.

5. After that, you will be redirected to the Form Builder, which contains the tools you need to add fields to your form. The mobile Form Builder includes the same tabs as the web version of the Form Builder.

6. Click Add your first question here in the blank canvass of the Form Builder, or click the + sign at the lower-left corner.

7. Add the fields you’d like to include in your form.

That’s it! You’ve built your form. Go to Settings to change options related to the form, add an integration, create conditions, configure email alerts, or add a thank-you page.

If you’re ready to publish the form, go to the Publish tab for quick form sharing or embed options, or to send the form by email.

Do you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions regarding the creation of forms using Jotform Mobile Forms? Please leave us a message in the comment section below or go to our support forum.

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