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How to integrate JotForm with Zoom

How to integrate JotForm with Zoom

Zoom is online video conferencing software that makes it easy to host and attend meetings, webinars, and calls from anywhere. Integrate JotForm with Zoom to automatically schedule new meetings and registrants via form submissions.

Use this integration to
- Create and schedule meetings
- Register participants for meetings and webinars

To get started, create an appointment form or registration form with our drag-drop Form Builder. Connect your Zoom account to JotForm, select whether you'd like to create meetings or registrations, and match the appropriate form fields with the fields in Zoom.

When someone schedules a meeting or registers for a meeting through your online form, JotForm will instantly send their data to Zoom, making it even easier to connect with your team or clients.

The Zoom integration is easy to set up.

1. From the Setting panel under Integrations, you'll find the Zoom integration with a simple search.

2. Click the Authenticate button to link your Zoom account. 

Click the Authorize on the Zoom page to continue the process of linking your Zoom account to JotForm.

If you have already connected your Zoom account to JotForm, select your Zoom account from the dropdown.

3. Once your Zoom account has been authenticated, use the dropdown menu to select an action. You can
a. Schedule a meeting
b. Register a participant for a meeting
c. Register a participant for a webinar

PS - To add a registrant, you must have a Zoom plan that supports that functionality.

4. To schedule a meeting, please enter a meeting topic, and then map your form fields to the fields in Zoom. Choose a time zone, add the meeting description, and click Save to complete the integration.

5. To add a registrant to a meeting, please select an upcoming meeting, and then map your form fields to the fields in Zoom.
Click Save to complete the integration.

PS - To add a registrant to an upcoming meeting, you need a paid Zoom plan. You must also enable registration for the meeting in your Zoom account.

6. To add a registrant to a webinar, please select an upcoming webinar, and then map your Zoom fields to the form fields.
Click Save to complete the integration.

PS - To add a registrant to an upcoming webinar, you need to have a webinar add-on for your Zoom account.

You can create multiple actions with the same integration.

And that's it! Your form data will be sent to Zoom every time someone submits your form.
Have you given it a try? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

How to uninstall JotForm from your Zoom account:
1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace.
2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the JotForm app.
3. Click the JotForm app.
4. Click Uninstall.

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  • BarefootBusiness

    Registrations not showing up in Zoom...
    I've been through all of the troubleshooting - disconnecting and reconnecting zoom. Form submits and I get the jotform confirmation email, but users are not showing up in Zoom meeting. Form:

  • Misty Mason

    Am I able to to use multiple integrations you offer with JotForm (i.e. Zoom AND PayPal, or Zoom AND Square)? We're looking to have paid Zoom webinars with the option for coupon codes for free or discounted webinars.

  • HarryNguyen486

    Hi there,

    How can I get the Zoom meeting invitation link after the client schedules an appointment?

    From the reply to eden concern, we can use "Autoresponder emails" to handle sending the meeting details, but where we can get these details from the integration with Zoom. I can go to Zoom and see the invitation link but where I can access this link to create an automatic process.

    Thank you.

  • username.eden

    After schedueling an appointment - why isn't I get an email with the link to the zoom?

  • marketingmog

    Which plan do we need to pay in Zoom to can have the full integration with Jotform?
    You said, "you must have a Zoom plan that supports that functionality". And Zoom has 3 paid plans: Pro, Bussiness, and Enterprise. So, which one should we paid for?

    Thank you in advance

  • vamsi_888

    Regarding my "domain name", I want to change into my domain name instead of jotform domain and I want to access zoom through my application.

  • vamsi_888

    I have integrated jotform with zoom and published the link, but I can't access zoom with this URL. Actually I want to integrate zoom with my application. I am already using jotform, with this jotform and zoom integration URL is it possible to access my application in zoom.

  • vamsi_888

    how can we access after the integration with zoom