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How to Edit Your Online Forms

How to Edit Your Online Forms

To edit the existing form you have created:

1) Go to MY FORMS page.

2) Select the form and click the EDIT FORM button. Once you click the EDIT FORM button. It will redirect you to Form Builder.

Also, you may want to check the user guide on How to Position Fields in JotForm

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  • Rosemary Logie

    Can I prepopulate some fields on a form before sending to an individual.

    in the case of an accident form, I just want someone to acknowledge that I have informed them of the accident
    or prepopulate a permission form with the details of the trip, and just want a signature

  • Gavin Godby

    I wish to use jotforms within worpdress which I have done in the past succesfully.
    However, in the current project I am developing (no website so far). I want user to be able to have users fill in and submit a form with some file uploads and then on a subsequent visit be able to modify the submitted form. Is that possible?