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Exam forms are used by schools or educational programs to build and administer tests, quizzes, or exams. Try out these ready-made exam form templates from Jotform, so you can switch from messy, time-consuming paper tests to powerful online exams that can be filled out and automatically graded on any device. Once your exams are complete, they’ll be stored in your secure Jotform account instantly — ready to be viewed, organized, or graded.

Customize any of our exam form templates using Jotform’s easy drag-and-drop form builder. Add your school logo, update form fields, adjust fonts and colors, or customize visual elements like background or images. You can also add fields like rating scales, input tables, or fill-in-the-blank boxes for ultimate customization. If you need to transfer submissions to other platforms, save time with our 150+ online form integrations. Take your testing online with free exam forms from Jotform today!