Example Reports

Explore our example reports to discover popular Jotform Report Builder use cases.

Product Order Report

Track order data to find out which products are best sellers and which need to be reassessed. Analyze your pricing models to boost sales.

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Poll Report

Present poll results to customers, clients, colleagues, or shareholders. Display your data in a professional report to easily visualize and analyze your findings.

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Market Research Report

Collect important market research data and present it to key players in your business. Instead of building a report by hand, speed up the process by automating your data collection-to-presentation workflow.

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Survey Report

No matter what you’re researching, conduct your surveys online — then share your findings by compiling responses into reports and analyzing the data with Jotform Report Builder.

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Healthcare Report

Safely collect patient feedback and medical information online with our HIPAA-friendly healthcare forms. Display your data in an easy-to-read report to help measure patient satisfaction and track important medical details.

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Animal Shelter Report

Track adoption rates and discover pet adoption trends by turning adoption and foster application forms into analytical reports for your animal shelter or rescue.

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