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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at


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jotform square integration

Process Square Payments Online with JotForm

Do you use Square to collect payments for your business? JotForm now offers Square website integration so you can create powerful, easy-to-edit payment forms. 

Imagine you make and sell handmade baskets. You started out by selling your baskets at local farmers’ markets and craft shows, where you accept credit card payments using Square. After a while, you start getting requests for custom orders, and you determine the easiest way to take custom orders is by directing people to your new website, where a JotForm order form collects all of the detailed specs for personalised baskets. 

With JotForm’s Square website integration, the customers at the market and the customers ordering online will process payments through the exact same payment gateway! You can have real-time, powerful reporting across both your online and offline business, while you deliver some quality products to your customers. 

Square also works perfectly with forms you use to collect donations, register event guests, or any other type of payment form you might use. And JotForm is proud to be the first online form builder to integrate with Square.

Don’t have a Square account? Pay no fees for the first $1,000 when you sign up through JotForm. Sign up here

Here are a few reasons why people love Square:

  • - Great phone support
  • - Instant deposit for faster money
  • - Clear pricing: Simply pay a 2.9% (+ .30c) swipe transaction fee across all major cards, even American Express

Examples of the types of forms you can create with our Square website integration:

Product Order Form

Square order form

Event Registration Form

Square event registration form

Get started using JotForm and Square in just a few steps. 

Drag and drop the Square payment field to your form: 

setting up square and jotform

Connect to your Square account:

add square to jotform

add jotform to square

Select the business for which you’re collecting payments:

connect square and jotform

Add your product(s) details: 

add product details to square payment form

Save your form, and you’re ready to collect payments via Square! 

jotform and square integration

Find examples of some payment forms you may want to use as templates for your business.

Do you use Square already? What kind of payment forms will you be making? Let us know in the comments! 

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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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  • ameen

    We're trying to redirect customers to make payments on our site; we send them an invoice of a certain amount via square, they get an email notification for the invoice, and get redirected to a page on our site where there's a form to pay the invoice. We couldn't find directions on how to do that using just square; like embedding a code with that type of form on our site!
    Is this possible to do through jotform knowing that the website is word press based.
    Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you

  • Jallen

    Hey there. Square does not take variable donations through their system, but it seems sounds like your forms would allow for this - correct? I have and use a square account, I just want a button on my site when people benefit from its content they can click on the button and give a little $$$ to my work. Can you point me in the direction of a template that might be good to use. I only seem to find ones with preset amounts. Am I missing something??? Thanks so much....

  • loristuart

    I need to use jot form to collect excel sortable information on the people using my square store. I have multiple items that they will be shopping, so I only want them to have to fill out their information once after they have added their items to the cart (Name, Email, Address - etc.). So far, what I've seen with the information provided about connecting jotform with Sqaure is that I can create a form for one item and add the Sqaure payment section to the bottom. How can I add jotform to Square so that I can collect information using jotform, but still use Square store?

    I am working for a nonprofit and I could really use your assistance. Square does not currently have the ability to export all of the patron information that I require into an excel spreadsheet. I can't ask all of the people that visit my store to pay for each item individually. They have to be able to pay for all of their items from a cart at the end.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Lori Stuart

  • crosspoint1

    I would like to send my own email receipts to users after they submit a payment via a jotform integrated with Square. Where can I find a list of the fields such as the payment amount and payment transaction ID?

    {myProducts:transactionid} does not work. Through trial and error I was able to get the total field with this: {payment:total}.

    Can you help me get the field name for transactionid, first and last name entered in the Square widget?

  • newharvest

    I can't seem to find any way to prevent the ugly Square payment receipt email from arriving in addition to the JotForm receipt email.

    Square doesn't seem to be helping much.

    Any help on this?

  • Tyler Miroe

    Hi. I used paypal...had bad expeience! Does square connect to my bank account? How do you collect the credit card payment from a client? I had money takeb from my bank account with paypal!


  • Royal14ever

    Square allows for recurring payments. Can this be integrated into Jotform? I want my customer's card to be saved so recurring payments may be made.

  • cogdell

    I can not get it to work. Square says it's my host, and my host says its Square. The form shows up on my site but you can not enter a CC number. There's dots there and it won't allow anything to be entered. Square told me that the integration process requires code, however the demo above shows it being super easy. I'm connected properly to my square account.

  • Sklein625

    I integrated my square deposit onto my contract and received a payment today. I can only see this in JotForm though and not through Square nor did I receive any sort of email from Square about the deposit. Will any sort of notification be sent? Also, why isn't this showing up in Square? I'm trying to figure out where the money currently is. Thanks.

  • Joform Lover

    You guys never cease to amaze us. You keep adding things people want! Amazing. And if you just had an afforable website version! Jotform !

  • Blake

    your support forum isnt working. my problems cant even get reported to you! I am paying for spam because your platform isnt working!

    this is 2016 - forum only support only works if your software is FLAWLESS. and it isnt. I cant even get a confirmation my ticket was received!

  • Jennifer

    Is there a way to review or approve orders before payment is process?

  • sandmanhr44

    I noticed that there's no way to add a tip or gratuity amount to the square app through jotform??

  • lmcmenaform

    It is just working for people in USA

  • kreationzdance

    Does this also apply to the Australian version of Square?

  • tvpRich

    Can I use Square and Jot forms but leave the total amount open? for the client to fill in their amount quoted to them beforehand?

  • susane

    can you have credit card tips onto a jot form with square integration?

  • premierperformance

    So the processing fee for Square is only 2.75% when integrated with Jotform?

  • Bill Byrd

    Does Square allow for subscriptions?

  • FurbabyFURtography

    I am working on adding this now to my current form & I don't seem to be able to get my button "Make Payment" to show. Any suggestions? This is my form:


  • ofmforms

    Shipping options do not appear to be working. Set up via wizard, but the shipping amount does not appear anywhere and is not added to the total.


    This is awesome you are working towards more integration. Is there a submission for users you will be intergrating with square? This could be used for Promotional and marketing campaigns. Currently I have to import a CSV into square.

  • agjost

    Does it work in Canada (in Canadian dollars)?

  • MerionVillageAssociation

    I'm working to convert all of our forms to this payment method and I'm having trouble getting the "total" to display. Where is this feature configured? One of my forms can be found here:

  • jgrasso

    Please add conditional logic for product selection and quantity. For example, for each first name field that is filled add 1 to the quantity of product x. Make a read only field. Thank you.

  • bgaileyphoto

    Thank you! I'm changing over my forms now.

  • emucoe

    Great work.

    Now if we could get the development team to come up with a *simple* method to save a partially-filled form, you know, like Adobe's FormsCentral did, that would be FANTASTIC!

    I know, I know, you'll move this off to a different thread... but I'm going to keep poking at this until it's better.

  • jnoreman

    Wonderful! Thank you.