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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

Welcome to the JotForm blog, where you can read about new JotForm features and find helpful online form tips for creating top-notch forms, user case studies, and much more.

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  • He loves to talk about work. Well, he loves to complain about his boss.

    “It’s almost 2018, yet he STILL thinks the only way to market our shampoo brand is by running expensive ads on TV.”

    Relaxing with a cold beer, I have no issues spending the evening discussing our jobs.

    But I know that soon enough, we’ll be comparing the two — very different — paths we’ve taken since leaving college: his offline corporate world vs. my online startup life at Jotform.

    And as usual, the main topic will be how his...

  • 9,810.

    That’s how many steps I’ve taken today. 

    190 steps below the recommended daily average to stay healthy, to be exact.

    This is only a fraction of the countless ways in which apps, devices, and platforms measure my performance on a daily basis. 

    How well am I doing, in terms of fitness and productivity? How about mindfulness and money? Could I do better?

    The answer is always yes...
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  • A new integration with payment processor BlueSnap allows you to smoothly collect recurring credit card payments directly through your favorite online form. BlueSnap’s award-winning subscription engine makes it a breeze to collect membership payments, customer orders, and donations directly through any form. Now your small business, club, or nonprofit have a simplified solution for collecting credit card payments online! 

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  • It’s almost time to dance the night away with your co-workers! Behind the hoopla of clinking glasses, lively conversation, tempting trays of hors d'oeuvres, bumping music, and themed decorations - is the hard work of the event planner. 

    Check off “event invitations” on your to-do list- create a custom invitation form, design it to match your vision, send it off, and easily keep track of RSVPs, all with JotForm.

    Learn how to create a great invitation form for your company holiday party with these key tips. 
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  • Asana & JotForm Join Forces!

    Integrating with Asana sparked our interest after noticing a problem our users had: how do you take all this easily and automatically collected data and turn it into actionable and trackable tasks. Our solution was to team up with an app that takes the information submitted via forms and organizes that information as a task within collaborative projects - complete with automatically assigned responsibility, a due date, and rich context around the task. The form information is now trackable and actionable, making follow up easy!

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