15 Linktree alternatives to up your social media marketing

Whether you’re an aspiring Instagram influencer or a business leader, social media provides around-the-clock opportunities to reach and engage with prospects. However, social media sites like Instagram and TikTok limit your ability to link off the platform. In fact, you only get one link.

Having access to only a single link limits people who are trying to take their social media efforts to the next level and build relationships beyond a single channel. That’s why a multi-link solution — essentially a micro landing page — came to be and quickly gained in prominence over the last few years. 

One of the first solutions to address this specific need was Linktree. Since its introduction to the market, many Linktree alternatives have appeared.

About Linktree

Linktree entered the scene in 2016 and has grown its user base to over 18 million, according to its About page. While initially focused on simply providing a one-to-many link solution, it has expanded to include analytics, third-party integrations, and even payment collection.

The platform’s tagline is “The only link you’ll ever need,” and it claims several well-known celebrities and brands as users. No one doubts the platform’s popularity. 

However, as you can probably guess from the title of this article, Linktree isn’t your only option for convenient link placement and discoverability. Check out the curated list of Linktree alternatives below to see if there’s a better fit for your needs.

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15 Linktree alternatives

Note: All features and pricing info below are accurate as of November 2021.

1. Jotform Apps

Jotform Apps lets you create a custom app where you can include multiple links. Give your visitors multiple options from a single link.


  • Page customization. You can customize the page to your liking, including changing the logo, colors, font, and layout.
  • WYSIWYG editor. Add and change elements easily with a user-friendly visual editor. 


  • Starter. All Jotform features, with the exception of HIPAA compliance, are available with the free Starter plan. The only limits are on the number of forms, submissions, form views, storage space, etc.
  • Bronze. For $29/month, you get 25 forms, 1,000 monthly submissions, 1 GB of storage space, and more.
  • Silver. For $39/month, you get 50 forms, 2,500 monthly submissions, 10 GB of storage space, and more.
  • Gold. For $99/month, you get 100 forms, 10,000 monthly submissions, 100 GB of storage space, and more.
  • Enterprise. Contact sales for pricing on multiuser plans.

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2. ContactInBio

ContactInBio enables you to connect all your links and social media profiles on a single page through one link.


  • Design customization. Change the appearance of links and backgrounds to suit your needs.
  • Messenger smart links. Create links that automatically transition visitors from Instagram to messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Social media links. Add over 100 types of social media links.


  • Starter. The free plan includes a custom URL, social media buttons, seven free themes, and other features.
  • Business. This $4.55/month mid-tier plan includes all Starter plan features, plus email signup, image uploading, and more.
  • Agency. The $18.20/month top-tier plan includes everything from the Business plan, plus the ability to create five accounts to manage.

3. Shorby

Shorby is a micro landing page with rich links.


  • Direct messenger buttons. Add buttons that enable visitors to contact you directly through WhatsApp, email, or other channels.
  • Dynamic feeds. Add feeds from other platforms, such as YouTube or WordPress.
  • Affiliate program. You can earn money from Shorby customers who signed up after going to your page.


  • Rocket. For $12/month, you get 10,000 tracked clicks, one ad platform tracking pixel, and 10 rich links per page.
  • Pro. For $24/month, you get 30,000 tracked clicks, seven ad platform tracking pixels, and 50 rich links per page.
  • Agency. For $89/month, you get 1 million tracked clicks, seven ad platform tracking pixels, and 500 rich links per page.

4. bio.fm

bio.fm is a multi-link solution with a block-focused design.


  • Block design. Choose from various blocks (social media profiles, About section, etc.). Reorder content by dragging blocks up and down.
  • Instant actions. Add buttons to enable visitors to instantly connect with you or join your groups on social media.


  • The platform is free, though it apparently includes a premium option for about $10 per month, according to third-party sources. The premium version lets you add unlimited blocks.

5. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio is another solution that enables you to connect to multiple services from one link.


  • Unlimited links. Add as many links as you want, and change them as often as you like.
  • Service icons. You have access to over 90 social, music, and contact icons.


  • Free. The free plan assigns a random URL.
  • Mini. You have the option of a monthly ($0.99) or one-time ($9.99) fee; either way, you get a custom URL, link tracking, and more.
  • Unique. For a one-time fee of $24.99, you get everything from Mini, plus images, color customization, and an Instagram post scheduler.

6. Tap Bio

Tap Bio caters to those looking to market on Instagram.


  • Card design. Made to look like Instagram stories, you can add cards as needed.
  • Stats. Check out the stats of individual cards to see aspects such as views, plays, and signups.


  • Basic. This free plan comes with one additional card (beyond your default profile card) and one Instagram account.
  • Silver. This $5/month plan includes three additional cards and lets you view card stats.
  • Gold. This $12/month plan allows you to add an unlimited number of cards and manage up to three Instagram accounts.

Among Linktree alternatives, EverLinks has the most similar tagline: “One link to rule them all.”


  • Video. Add video by pasting a YouTube or Vimeo link.
  • Link scheduling. Plan ahead by scheduling when links are displayed and when they disappear.


  • Free. The free plan offers one page, logo customization, and link thumbnails.
  • Pro. This $7/month plan not only includes all Free plan elements but also ups your page max to five and includes integrations with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.
  • Agency. For $17/month, you get all Pro elements, plus unlimited pages and unlimited client/team page sharing.

8. Campsite

Tagged as “Your social bio link outfitter,” Campsite turns one link into multiple links.


  • Custom branding. Change the appearance of your page to suit your brand, including logo, background image, and link colors.
  • Analytics. Keep track of how each link is performing with various tracked stats.


  • Free. You get unlimited links and video embedding in the free plan.
  • Pro. For $7/month, you get everything in the Free plan, plus two additional customizable profiles, additional link types, and advanced analytics.

9. Linkin.bio

Later’s Linkin.bio enables you to create a micro website that has multiple links.


  • Gallery. Add a visual, customizable feed.
  • Track sales. Integrate with Shopify to see which Instagram posts resulted in sales.


  • Free. The free plan includes 10 posts per social profile.
  • Basics. For $8/month, you get 30 posts per social profile.
  • Starter. $15/month ups your post max to 60.
  • Growth. $25/month ups your post max to 150 — plus you can have up to three users.
  • Advanced. The highest plan is $40/month, and you get unlimited posts and up to six users.

10. ShortStack

ShortStack goes beyond micro site building. You can also create online contests and hashtag giveaways.


  • Contests. Options like hashtag and comment-to-enter contests let you collect entries before announcing winners.
  • Offer codes. You can distribute unique offer codes to visitors.


  • Business. You’re allotted 10,000 entries and 50,000 views for $99/month.
  • Agency. For $249/month, you get 50,000 entries and 250,000 views.
  • Brand. For $499/month, you get 500,000 entries and 2.5 million views.
  • Enterprise. The highest-tier plan provides more entries, views, and customizations, but you have to contact the sales team for pricing.

Tagged as “Instagram’s missing link,” Link in Profile enables you to add links to your Instagram images and send followers to your desired URL.


  • Workflow enhancement. You can add a post to your Link in Profile page by pasting a URL into your Instagram post’s caption.
  • Integration. The platform integrates with platforms like Amazon and Shopify.


  • Personal. The only plan available costs $9.99/month and includes a free, 30-day trial.

Taplink enables you to create a mobile-friendly website you can link to from a social media bio.


  • One-click contact. Place smart links that let people contact you through online messaging apps, SMS, or social networks.
  • Payment. Create forms and accept payments via popular payment systems.


  • Basic. You get unlimited links and pageview statistics in this free plan.
  • Pro. For $2/month, you can also schedule when blocks appear or disappear, customize your page design, and use pictures and video.
  • Business. For $4.50/month, you can remove Taplink branding, connect your own domain, and accept payments.

13. Carrd

Carrd lets you build one-page sites for multiple use cases.


  • Templates. Use dozens of templates so you don’t have to build your page from scratch.
  • Widgets. Embed your own custom code and widgets from third-party services such as PayPal.


  • Free. In the Free plan, you can build up to three sites per account and use all core features.
  • Pro. For $19 per year, you can access exclusive features, such as widgets, Google Analytics, and custom domains.

14. Instapage

Instapage may seem to color outside the lines of Linktree alternatives, but its core purpose aligns well: building a landing page for link clickers.


  • A/B testing. Create multiple versions of a page to see which set of elements works best.
  • Collaboration. Work with your team using real-time edits to create a finalized landing page.


  • Building. For $299/month, you get server-side A/B testing, conversion analytics, and SSL encryption.
  • Converting. This price-customized plan includes more advanced features, such as custom fonts, heatmaps, and audit logs.

15. Unbounce

Unbounce is another landing page builder with a conversion optimization focus.


  • Smart traffic. This feature automatically sends visitors to their best-fitting landing pages.
  • Templates. The platform offers over 100 page templates to choose from across multiple categories.


  • Launch. The lowest-tier plan ($90/month) includes 500 conversions, 20,000 visitors, and one domain.
  • Optimize. The mid-tier plan ($135/month) includes 1,000 conversions, 30,000 visitors, and five domains. You also get access to the smart traffic feature.
  • Accelerate. The highest-tier plan ($225/month) includes 2,500 conversions, 50,000 visitors, and 10 domains — plus smart traffic.

This list of Linktree alternatives provides a strong foundation for selecting a solution that works for you. Assess your needs and weigh them against the features and pricing of the above options.

This article is originally published on Dec 07, 2021, and updated on Apr 28, 2022.

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