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  • Every day, thousands of JotForm users depend on online forms to sell their company’s goods or services. That’s because, with JotForm, it’s incredibly easy to turn any old form into a money-maker -- no magic wands or fairy dust required. 

    The best part is that you don’t need an expensive e-commerce platform to sell online; you just need the right form builder and a little know-how. Below, we’ve put together some of our favorite advice for creating an awesome order form. 

  • TemplateMonster

    Looking for an awesome and free website template? Well, our friends at TemplateMonster are ready to give out 7 licenses of any of their premium themes to JotForm users.

    The giveaway will run for an entire week, and all you need to do to win is visit TemplateMonster, pick the premium template that you enjoy the most, and leave a comment on this post with the theme's link or ID number. 

  • How to make a scholarship application form

    Scholarship application forms are the best way to make sure you’re collecting the information you need from gifted students looking for financial help to achieve their ambitious goals. There’s a lot on the line, so it’s important to do your students and administration justice by dishing out an inspired form that will yield the highest quality and quantity of students. 

  • First and foremost, congratulations on your graduation! Kick off sharing this happy occasion with family and friends by sending a beautiful party invitation that will set the tone for the festivities. Whether your party will be a casual cookout in your backyard, a university-sponsored event, or a rager with a DJ - The most important thing is that your guests will be celebrating by your side. That means letting them know the details ahead of time so they can secure the date on their calendar. Here's how to send an amazing graduation party invitation with the easiest form builder, JotForm.

  • From wrangling kids to putting together lesson plans, a teacher’s plate is always full. While the amount of work is never-ending, online forms can provide a way to speed up some items on your to-do list and free up a few minutes for that much-needed breather. 

  • Email Marketing Options

    There’s an ocean full of email marketing services to choose from out there, so it’s OK to feel a little overwhelmed by the choices. Still, it’s an important -- and sometimes expensive -- decision, so finding the right one is an absolute must. 

    So, we’ve decided make some sense of it for you. Read our guide below to see which email marketing service is the best for your business. 

  • We know we want a great form that will give us the information that we need, whether that be names and email addresses for contacting clients, credit card information for payments, or RSVPs for events. But sometimes we're not too sure what details to add that will really take your form to the next level. Here are 5 ways to make your online forms more powerful and effective. 

  • Right from their shop in Sacramento, California, BeastMetals creates and ships some of the craziest workout equipment in the country.

    Owner, Alex Reynaga, started the company a few years ago after he built a piece of equipment for his daughter and others asked her where she got it. After that, the requests started coming in for him to make other custom pieces. And so, BeastMetals was born. 

  • It shouldn’t be a surprise that colleges and universities rely on online forms. There are just so many groups from whom to collect crucial information, whether it’s alumni, community members, students, employees, or applicants.

    Online forms make it so simple to gather feedback, create events, schedule campus visits, and collect payment, that it’s easy to see why they’re used so commonly. With that, we thought we’d share some of the most common ways forms are being used in higher education.

  • In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to celebrate our amazing planet. From the highest snow-capped mountains, to the deepest darkest oceans, to the scorching deserts, to the greenest forests -- the Earth is our home. Here at JotForm, we’re doing our part to conserve our world by reducing the amount of paper that companies need to use -- by bringing it all online. Fun fact: If all 8 million of JotForm’s forms were created with paper instead, they would stack higher than the Sears Towers in Chicago. That’s a lot of trees that got to stay trees!
  • We can all agree on one thing: we don’t like when companies are confusing. Knowing exactly what you’re signing up for or getting into alleviates concerns and drives trust for the company. Instead of using the one-size-fits-all default “submit” text on the call-to-action button, describe to the visitor what action they will take by submitting the form. Examples include “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” Sign Up,” “Book Now,” and “Complete Survey.”

    Customizing your call-to-action is simple, but powerful. Here’s how you do it!

  • Facts are facts. If your organization relies on donations to stay afloat, you can’t afford a weak donation form. You’re simply going to lose too much money.

    At JotForm we’re not in the business of making lousy forms, so we thought we’d offer a few pieces of advice for creating the perfect donation form for your non-profit, school, or cause.
  • High schools and universities have an obligation to their students -- to educate them, prepare them for their next steps, and equip them with the skills to be successful. And while schools can do everything right, it’s important to recognize changing trends and the importance of adapting to students’ needs as they evolve. One key way to tap into those changes? Alumni feedback surveys. This useful tool can be utilized to gauge your alumni satisfaction with their education, and collect insights into areas for improvement. Include these three vital areas in your alumni survey to gather the information you need.

    collect useful information with an alumni feedback survey
  • Adding a background image to your form can really up the ante for design. The possibilities are endless. If you are a wedding planner and use online forms to gather new client information, then you can use your most stunning wedding photo as the background of the form, whether that be of guests dancing or of the venue decorations.

    If you own a small business of selling workout equipment, your background image can feature people sweating it out in the gym on your exercise bikes or weight lifting machines. And if you’re a professional photographer? Well, that speaks for itself. Showcase your business, brand, and purpose with a great background image on your forms.

    It’s easy! Let’s find out how to add a background image to your form.

  • Today, many of you found lots of balloons on your My Forms page. Unfortunately, this was caused by a JavaScript bug on a new release. Our team is currently on overdrive trying to get all of the balloons to pop. We appreciate your patience during this crisis. 

    jotform is filled with baloons

  • It doesn’t get easier than using
    Weebly for creating websites. That’s why we’re very pleased to announce that JotForm now integrates seamlessly into your Weebly site straight from the Weebly App Center. If you enjoy spending a lot of time creating websites and arduously adding online forms, then stop reading now. JotForm and Weebly make the process far too simple.
  • Planning an event, whether a big corporate event or a backyard birthday party, requires quite a bit of planning. You’ve got to determine your guest list, lock down the venue, figure out food and refreshments, and get the decor just right. Once you’re on top of that, it’s time to invite your guests! But how? With a custom JotForm event registration form, of course.

    Why choose JotForm over other event form providers?

  • JotForm CRM

    Customer relationship management (CRM) software can be the central hub that keeps your organization running smoothly, organizing all of your interactions with customers and vendors, providing key metrics, and essentially managing your sales and marketing departments. However, it can be overwhelming choosing the right CRM software for your company because there’s
    just. So. Many. But we’re here to offer a little help figuring which one is right for your team.

  • Looking for a payment processor to integrate with JotForm that doesn’t burden you with transaction fees? Check out our new integration with Dwolla, a company that makes online payments incredibly simple for United States-based businesses.

    Dwolla gives your customers the option to pay straight to your bank or credit account, but online.

  • Did you know JotForm is a powerful tool for creating PDF forms? Sure, we might be famous for helping people create awesome web forms, but we’re also rockstars at letting users create fillable PDF forms, too.

    Using fillable PDFs instead of online forms enables you to send your form as a document that can be filled out anywhere, on any device, without requiring internet connection. And that type of functionality comes in handy for businesses all over the world that want to view a fully filled out form instead of just the submission data.

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