Create Conversational Forms in Card Layout

Boost form engagement with conversational forms that ask one question per page. Explore all the powerful features unique to Jotform Cards!

Create conversational forms that ask one question per page and work great on any device. Without any coding, you can easily personalize your card form design, add a welcome page, reduce user steps, embed it in your website, and set up automatic verification emails. Users will be able to share their addresses via geolocation, track their progress, and even save and continue their submission later.

Make your forms friendlier

Create an engaging online form that feels like a conversation. By asking users one question at a time, Jotform Cards helps increase conversion rates by 36% — that means more leads and better data for your business!

Jotform Cards boasts all the features of classic forms, and lets you;

Adapt your forms to any device

Seamlessly view Jotform Cards forms on any device with smart embed and mobile-responsiveness.

Make your forms beautiful

Impress users with a visually stunning form design that’s entirely your own. Add animated backgrounds, your logo, and product images for a more personalized look.

Add a form welcome page

Start off on the right foot by welcoming users, or add instructions to help them fill in your form.

Simplify your form design

Make it easier for users to fill out your forms. Add a simple yes/no field, and let users express their answers with a fun emoji slider.

Collect addresses with geolocation or autocomplete

Lets users add their address in a single click with geolocation or automatically finish filling it in with autocomplete.

Track form progress

Encourage users to complete your form with a form progress indication bar. Notify users of incomplete responses with micro animations instead of error messages.

Add a save and continue later option

Let users save their progress and return to finish the form later.

Choose how to embed the form in your website

Embed cards forms in your website as floating feedback buttons, popups, or lightboxes, so users can quickly contact your support team, submit feedback, and more.

Send email verification

Automatically send email verification codes to prevent typos, reduce spam, and ensure the email belongs to the person submitting the form.

Introducing Jotform Cards

Respondents fill out one question at a time – with clear progress indicators and micro animations, so there’s never a dull moment.

Introducing Jotform Cards