Add Skip Logic to your Survey Form

Speed up the form-filling process and receive form submissions faster with Skip Logic! It uses conditional logic to skip to specific questions or pages based on a user’s previous answers.

Create a personalized form-filling experience and boost conversion rates with Skip Logic. Based on how they fill out your form, users can skip to other pages or follow-up questions, avoid irrelevant questions, and more.

Personalized forms for every user

Are people abandoning your multipage forms or surveys? Encourage form completion by allowing users to save their progress on each page! Users can return to your form to complete it later.

Skip to other pages

Jump to relevant pages in your form based on a user’s previous answers.

Skip follow-up questions

Let users fill in your forms faster by skipping questions that are irrelevant to them.

Skip Logic

Use answers to previous questions to skip irrelevant follow-up questions or jump to another page

Demo Forms

Classic Form Card Form

How to show/hide multiple fields in Jotform?

Using conditional logic, you can show or hide fields to give your users a better form-filling experience. Learn how to automatically personalize the form design for every person filling out your form, depending on their previous answers — a great way to speed up the process, boost submission rates, and keep users coming back for more!

How to show/hide multiple fields in Jotform?