Pre-Populate Form Fields

Make it easier for customers, clients, or coworkers to fill out your forms by using pre-populated forms. Pre-populate form fields from previous submissions, other forms, Excel files, and more!

Create pre-populated forms from an Excel file, URL, previous form submission, or pass form data to another form.

Make your job easier with pre-populated forms

Speed up the form-filling process with pre-populated forms from Jotform. Add information automatically to save time.

Populate form fields from an Excel file

Automatically pre-populate form fields with Excel spreadsheet data by uploading XLS, XLSX, or CSV files to your online forms.

Automatically pass form data to another form

If people are filling out multiple forms, pass data between forms to automatically pre-populate form fields.

Pre-populate fields in your form via URL

Pre-populate form fields by changing the form’s URL parameters. Add each field’s unique ID to the URL to get a prefilled link for your form.

Pre-populate the same form with data from a previous submission

If someone needs to fill out your form more than once, pre-populate form fields from their previous submission to save them time.