Answer Piping

Create a more personalized experience for form users. Use conditional logic to insert, or “pipe,” answers from previous questions into later questions on the same form.

Set up answer piping and build interactive forms without any coding. Pipe previous answers into new questions and form fields and create a personalized form-filling experience for users.

Personalize Your Questions

Make your forms more interactive with answer piping, which automatically puts a user’s previous answers into the following questions — creating a personalized form-filling experience.

Pass a Field Value to a Later Question

Pipe previous answers into later questions to give your forms a personalized touch.

Copy a Field Value to Another Form Field

Automatically pipe previously entered information into other form fields so the user doesn’t have to re-enter the same information.

Jotform Answer Piping Tutorial

In this Jotform tutorial, we walk you through the entire process! Whether you’d like to show or hide form fields, change the flow of a form based on answers, or automate your form in other ways, you’ll learn how to build a form with conditional logic in no time.

Jotform Answer Piping Tutorial