Jotform Inbox FAQ

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  • What is Jotform Inbox?

    Jotform Inbox is an easy way to sort, manage, and organize your form submissions — kind of like an email inbox! When you open Jotform Inbox for one of your forms, you’ll be able to view all submissions as well as search through them, add filters, mark them as unread or starred, and even forward them to members of your team. If you’d like to collaborate with others online, Jotform Inbox 2.0 lets you grant access to teammates so you can leave comments, tag people, and send emails directly from your Jotform Inbox dashboard!

  • What can I do with Jotform Inbox 2.0?

    With Jotform Inbox 2.0, you’ll get all the powerful features of the original Jotform Inbox with some brand-new features thrown in as well! View all of your submissions in one place and manage them with search, filter, and organization tools, or work on submissions with new collaboration features that let you comment on submissions or mention your teammates in comments to notify them directly. You can even give read-only access to your form submissions, or choose specific access settings like Private Access or Company Access — everything you need to collaborate on your submissions with the people you work with.

  • Is Jotform Inbox 2.0 free?

    Yes. Jotform Inbox comes free with every Jotform plan, from our free plan all the way up to Jotform Enterprise.

  • How can I access Jotform Inbox?

    To get to Jotform Inbox, start by logging into your Jotform account. Then hover over the form you would like to view submissions for, click on Inbox, and you’ve made it!

  • Is it possible to send emails within Jotform Inbox?

    Yes, you can send emails from Jotform Inbox without having to leave your dashboard. You’ll be able to reply to or forward submissions by sending emails to form fillers or teammates.

  • Can I share my inbox with my colleagues?

    Jotform Inbox offers multiple easy sharing options. You can generate a shareable link that will give access to other Jotform users, or invite teammates by using their email addresses or tagging them in comments on individual submissions.

  • Can I customize my inbox?

    Want to give your Jotform Inbox a more personalized look? From your Inbox settings, you can change the way you display your submissions by adjusting question alignment and line spacing; customizing language, data, and print settings; and hiding headers, text, and empty form fields.

  • How can I view submissions in Jotform Inbox?

    To view submissions in Jotform, open your My Forms dashboard, select your form, and click on the Inbox option on the far right of your screen. You can then see all your submissions at once or find specific submissions by applying filters in the search bar.

  • Can I edit form submissions in Jotform Inbox?

    Yes, you can edit form submissions in Jotform Inbox. When you select the Edit Submission option, you’ll be able to fill out the original form and change the response by selecting different answers.

  • Will I be able to reply to messages using my mobile phone or tablet?

    Jotform is mobile responsive, so you’ll be able to access and use Jotform Inbox from any smartphone or tablet. When someone tags you in a comment from Jotform Inbox, you’ll be able to respond using your mobile device.

  • How do I apply filters to search my submissions?

    To apply filters, click on the filter icon in the search bar which you can find in the top left corner of Jotform Inbox. From there, you can select a submission date range and search through read, unread, starred, unstarred, or all of your submissions. You’ll also have advanced search options that allow you to filter submissions based on form field value, submission ID or IP, tag, and other criteria.

  • Can I have different tabs in Jotform Inbox?

    In Jotform Inbox, you’ll have three tabs: Inbox, Archive, and Trash. If you need more tabs, first filter submissions by any criteria, then Create New Tab option will show up. So you can enter the name for your new tab and add it to your Jotform Inbox in just one click.

  • How can I download my submissions in Jotform Inbox?

    You can download your submission data by selecting an individual submission and selecting the Download option from the More menu in the top right of your Jotform Inbox. If you’d like to save all form submissions at once, click on the three vertical dots icon on your Inbox tab and select Download All Submissions. You can download submissions as a CSV file, an Excel spreadsheet, or a PDF.