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How to Integrate with Mailchimp

How to Integrate with Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a great tool to send beautiful newsletters or announcements to your website users and customers. So, instead of implementing a newsletter feature ourselves, we decided to integrate with them.

How to integrate JotForm with Mailchimp

Since Name and Email fields are required in the Mailchimp list, please make sure that you are having Name and Email fields on the form before integrating Mailchimp.

1. Click Settings at the top

2. Then Integrations on the left

3. Look for Mailchimp by using the search box

4. Click it to launch the Integration Wizard

Connect your Mailchimp account by clicking the Authenticate button and logging into your Mailchimp account.

***We do not store your login details. The authentication is to only get a key for the integration to work***

Then follow the wizard steps.


One of the great things about our Mailchimp integration is that it can add your existing submissions data to your newsletter list. So, in minutes, you will be ready to send newsletters to your visitors. See the following screenshot.

You can also set up to send the information directly to an Opt-in mail.

Allow the user to decide if she wants to be added to the Opt-in list by using a Send if user agrees, so this will work if a check box into the form is ticked.

Mailchimp is free up to 2,000 subscribers. So, even if you don’t have an existing account, you should give them a try. Send your users a newsletter and remind them about your web site.

Happy Newsletter Sending Day! 

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  • acenglishonline

    Can I send contacts that sign up to my course via Jotform to my audience list in Mailchimp only as a contact not a subscriber to my newsletter?

  • tmacnair

    In my jot form, there is room for an optional second email. First email for the parent, second for the child who is being registered. I have integrated the primary email into MailChimp. Can I integrate the second email address, and that person's info into mail chimp, too?

  • DTWCoaching

    Hi there - I need a 'double opt-in' for my email list subscribers - in order to comply with GDPR

    On my current form, they have to check a box to be included in the newsletter

    I want them to receive an Autoresponder that confirms if they want to be on the list.

    When designing the Autoresponder, what do I place in the email content box to ensure they receive a link back to the Mailchimp sign-up

    Many thanks


  • klofters

    Can i add custom fields in the match your fields dropdown, besides email, phone number address and birthday?

  • Maria2020

    I do not want to ask anyone to subscribe to our email list. I want to be able to send a jotform survey along with a message and have the answers go to the email that is on our account. How do I do that?

  • halselbyjr

    At the match your field there is nothing in the dropdown box

  • coindy


    I can't find the Send Mailchimp Welcome Email on option on my integration. Can you please help me?

    Thank you!

  • ptamitchell

    On our Jotform, we have a question that asks "do you want to subscribe to our weekly newsletter?" How do we send only those that answer "yes" to our MailChimp account? Please note, I am not asking to set up 2 different lists as a prior user asked. We merely want only those that answer "yes" on the Jotform question to be added to our Mailchimp newsletter account. Thank you.

  • 10xchris

    Hey there

    I just did the MailChimp integration. I get the message "Integration ready" but I do not receive on my MailChimp list any update. I removed the integration and tried again and still not working. Why are the contacts not being added?
    Would appreciate the support, thanks

  • steveclarke

    n the form I have completed all the steps. I get a brief message "you have 6 contacts ...." and then "you have completed integration," but contacts are not added in MailChimp

  • rnginc2775

    Hi We have an account in jotform and like to integrate to mailchimp. When integrate it. my match your field " Email " is empty. I cannot select any field to match email. How can I fix it?

    Frank Chan

  • Kiki

    You said go to settings at the top. At the top of where? Where does the integration start, in wordpress or in mailchimp? And are these instructions for an embedded form which I can have on my wordpress blog posts?

  • innov8ds

    Is it possible to have two different embedded mailchimp signups that go to different lists? ie. We want people to sign up for a marketing email as well as an IT email. These are two different lists being signed up from the same Jotform.


  • Sharontopple

    Hi, I think I am almost there.
    I have followed the instructions and have got both Name and Email fields on the form as shown. However, there seems to be a piece of missing information - we have the integration API for Mailchimp, but don't know where to put it when in Mailchimp?
    When clicking Publish (next to Settings in Jotform), I can get the direct link to the form:
    So where does this go?
    I can see html code for the form embed for a website - but we don't want to do that - we need to get the form in an email and send it out to people. Please can you give us some more info?

  • jtuatara

    Is it possible to add an email address to a list depending on an answer to question on the form?

    I.e. are you attending - YES or NO - YES gets added to ATTENDING list - NO gets added to NOT ATTENDING list


  • Handw

    I have Integrated Mailchimp into my form but my list isnt picking up all of the information.
    Only the name and the email adresse ist being sent to my mailchimp account. Is this a flaw of the integration or a problem with mailchimp?

    pls help

  • jdjohn

    I just realised I have the same problem as amsoulsby and holistic beauty below.
    I have already attempted to incorporate Mailchimp.
    Can I reverse this?

  • jdjohn

    "Since Name and Email fields are required in the MailChimp list, please make sure that you are having Name and Email fields on the form before integrating MailChimp."

    It wont let me add this and I proceed without entering an email. Can you add some instructions regarding this to the guide?

  • cjlively

    I have MailChimp sending an opt-in email. If I select it on Jotform as well, are people going to receive multiple opt-in emails?

  • Kayduke


    I have everything integrated but when I don't know which code to embed directly onto my webpage, as in, not the pop up, but a form I would like to place at the bottom of some of my pages. Is it embed, source, Iframe? When I used the embed all that showed up on my page was a link to the form and not the form itself, unless that is what is supposed to happen, which I do not think the case.

    Thanks for your time!

  • yfrigi

    My integration with mailchimp worked until Dec 27, 2017 when I stopped getting new submissions in MailChimp. I've checked the integration and everything in jotform says it is working properly but I'm still missing this week's submissions on mailchimp. Any ideas?

  • winnisquamwatershed

    Integration with MailChimp was successful and Jotform submission successfully populated email and name fields in MailChimp list. However, address field was not populated.

    Integration menu recognized "Address" from MailChimp and "Home address" from Jotform form, but field was not populated. Neither is a required field, but was filled out in submission.


  • holisticbeauty

    Hi, Im having the same problems as amsoulsby, the drop down box isnt giving me a option and I can find the solution anywhere.

  • amsoulsby

    Hi I'm trying to integrate and it says email is required, yet the drop down box wont allow me to select anything? Just has the option for please select and nothing else. :(

  • streetlight

    I have set it up and has been working well, but now i see i have 800+ forms but only 600 are linking over.

    dose mail chimp have a limit?

    thank you

  • Stinebemo

    I've successfully integrated with my MailChimp list, but I have an overwrite problem:
    An optional check box in my JotForm is linked up with a field in my MailChimp list. This field might already be populated in MailChimp – a user may have filled in the form at previously – and I need this information to stay intact.
    But if the check box in my JotForm is left unticked... this will overwrite the MailChimp field with a blank entry – thus deleting any existing information. This is a problem.
    Please tell me if there is a way the field could be left intact if the check box is not ticked?

  • jack adision

    Great post

  • primaterational

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to embed the sign-up form into the sidebar, or footer - via a widget?
    I've tried copying the [embed] HTML code into a text widget, but it won't appear on my website.
    Any ideas?

  • sethunya

    I have done every step as above, so now how do i intergrate the form into wordpress blog?


  • fightingfitness

    Trying to integrate jot forms with my mail chimp

    API authenticated
    Choose a list selected

    but then when it comes to
    Match your field

    I have nothing to select in order to complete

  • zorigfoundation

    With each new form you create, do you need to integrate mailchimp each time?

  • mohan

    How to integrate MailChimp for android .Kindly help me and give some doc or tutorial.

  • phluent

    Does the opt in checkbox have to be labeled "Newsletter"? and can the text be edited? - My conditional set up in integrations keeps dropping out the opt in?

  • jerrynasa

    i've got the integration working, nice!! But now I added some fields in my form, but I don't know how to enter the mailchimp integration tool again.

  • kingfisherweddings

    This is absolutely rubbish and a complete waste of time. Will only let you have 3 fields to import.

  • revolutionwed

    After I put in my Mail Chimp API, it asks me to select a list, but none of my lists are shown in the drop down menu (it's empty). If I click NEXT, it redirects me to select a list first, which is still empty. I have like 10-15 Mail Chimp lists...why don't they show up when I try to integrate them?

  • varshar

    i m facing issue which i have attached with link plz help me out asap.

  • romej14

    I cannot get the email option to show up when I am on the "Match Form Fields" page in the integration wizard. The dropdown menu shows:


  • Liesel

    Hi, I am trying to integrate my jot form with Mail Chimp but when I get to the window where I need assign the mail to the mail etc it just gives me blanks options?

  • Gerome

    Wuhoo!!! thanks for this really helpful :D

  • IdentityConsulting

    Hi, I've not had a lot of success with integration with mailchimp. I've done all of the above steps but no data gets sent to the mailchimp list.

  • jimzaspelva

    I have folloewd your steps but after jot form submited no subscriber add in mailchimp list.

    Please HELP ASAP !.

  • Gladys

    I am looking for a way to send jotform data to an email marketing or newletter, not a list. Is this possible?

  • captaglobal

    I need to send automatized emails for new subscribers and I´d like create list directly from the form.

    Example Subscriber complete a form and he or she receives emails with information that it was prepared before, its like an autoresponders emails but extend this process in a specif time interval (1 mounth: 1 Email per week)for each new subscribers.

    Thank you

  • izen

    Hi, I tried the API key integration which worked great. However, the problem is - I have multiple name+email fields, but can choose only one set of name+email
    The 'Add New Option' doesn't allow other name and email to be chosen to add to Mailchimp. How can I fix that?

  • rmkilgorejr

    I have coompleted the intergration process but I can't seem to get the first and last names to populate in the appropriate fields in Mailchimp. How do i correct this problem without changing my JotForm documnent?

  • entechinst


    Is it possible to have the end user choose which Group they wish to subscribe to? This seems like such a logical feature.

    In a world where there are people who like bananas or apples, we should allow them to choose which types of emails they are interested in: Banana Emails or Apple Emails instead of forcing them into one.

  • torontoislandlakeswim

    I am not seeing my contacts go into Mailchimp. I have my API key from Mail chimp, but nothing is flowing through?

  • erreichedeinziel

    I have tested the Mailchimp integration. It works :-)
    I have no a Mailchimp List with 3 "Subgroups". When I start the Mailchimp Integration Wizard I can see the List and the 3 groups.
    The customer should be able to select also the group in the Jot form. The selected group(s) should then submitted to mailchimp.

    Can you help me to solve this problem?



  • beautifulbaby

    jotform 'select list' won't work uggh anyone?
    I can't import from jot to chimp b/c chimp doesn't have it listed
    but when I just want to import from jot to chimp the PICK A LIST is grey and not enabled?
    thanx anyone if you can help (newbie sorry)