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How To Have Two Column Payment Form

How To Have Two Column Payment Form

This guide will show how to minimize the length of your Payment Form that has a lot of products/items on it.

Allowing the users to view all information all at once on a form is an important aspect of an efficient and useable form.

Stylize the default single-column payment field into a two-column formation by injecting CSS codes into the payment form.

Custom CSS Codes:

.form-product-item {
border: 1px solid #EFEFEF;
margin: 5px;
width: 293px;
display: inline-block !important;
vertical-align: top;

.form-product-item + br {

br + br {
float: left;
padding-top: 20px;

.form-product-item > img + .form-product-item-detail {
    width: 100%;

Additional Information:

To effectively use the CSS code, make sure the form's expand property is seen as Shrink (which means Expand is enabled)

Payment Settings > Advanced tab > Shrink to "Off":

** This feature is more applicable for payment forms that have 3 and more products/items available. 

The suggested CSS codes are still effective and will dynamically format the form, even when more products/items are added or removed.

Example form

Example with 5 products/items only

Example with 3 products/items only

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  • Zaria

    Um, i’ve been trying to do these all day idk if I’m doing right or if it’s just not working but I really need help with this.

  • passionfordisaster

    I tried to use this code and it only shows one column on the left, it will not show or move anything to the right. All suggestions followed.

  • Lrichmond

    I got it to work - sorry to have bothered you

  • Frankieandswiss

    Hi there, I put the code in and it works great, except for the total price. This is all out of alignment. Advice to remedy? Thanks

  • indahdreamwarrior

    I wish to make a 2 column contact form. Any advise on the css code for this?


  • Trafuse

    Great! Worked perfectly. Thanks

  • motb276

    I added the css code from above but no two columns just one really long section from left to right..............even with "shrink" mode

  • riverleasoap

    How do you have columns with sub headings? My form takes the subheading into account and all my products are out of alignment.