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How to Clear Your Form's Expiration Date

How to Clear Your Form's Expiration Date

You may have encountered a problem like this when editing your form:

Chances are, you have used the form before and set a date for it to expire. And since the form has expired and you have reactivated it again, the expiration date is still set in the past. Logically speaking, there's no reason for you to save a form to expire if the date has already passed.  This is why you're having this error.

So, what you should do is remove or adjust the expiration date on your form. Please follow the steps below:

1. On the Form Builder, click SETTINGS at the top

2. Then FORM SETTINGS on the left

3. On the FORM STATUS section, you have 2 options:

  3a. Either you change the DISABLE ON DATE to ENABLED

  3b. Or you set a new EXPIRE DATE (a future date)

Regardless if you go with 3a or 3b, it should reactivate the form and you should not be getting the warning anymore.

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  • dbartolone

    When I clear the expiration date, the link to the form now displays a notification that reads, " Form Not Found This form has been disabled by the owner. Try contacting the owner of this form"