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How to Show Headers and Text in the PDF

How to Show Headers and Text in the PDF

UPDATE: We are excited to announce that we have just released the new version of JotForm PDF Editor.

By default, the Header Fields, Text Fields, and Image Fields are not included in the PDF format of a Submission. If you want these fields to appear in the PDF, you have to tick the "Show Headers and Texts" checkbox in the form submissions page.

1. Go to the MY FORMS page.

2. Select and highlight the form by clicking it.

3. Click the SUBMISSIONS button.

4. Click the GEAR icon to open the submission settings.

5. Then tick the SHOW HEADERS AND TEXTS checkbox.

That's it! You only need to do this once. After you check it, the PDF format of each submission in the current form will include the images, headers and texts to it.

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  • John_Fleming

    Is there a way to put an image in the form, and have it appear on the PDF? If there is, I can't find it. :(

  • FaithandFirePhotography

    There NEEDS to be an update with this option for the new forms. This is outdated and now there is no way for me to send my clients their filled out contracts with the header and subheaders on it. For a form/contract site, this is a big issue. I cannot send them a blank contract and a separate form with just the filled-out fields, that looks very unprofessional. If there is a new way to do this (from above), I need to know, please.

  • gschnepper

    Hi! There is no longer a gear option.. do you have any updated instructions?

  • beckybeanblossom

    There is no gear to select. Are this instructions correct?

  • DLAForms

    Thank you. When I download the PDF of the completed for the content in the submission form is still showing out of order as it relates to the form people filled out. The order of the headers and text on the submissions page still do not have the same order as the form.

  • tjtech101

    On my form it only shows header text, not the subheader text.

  • jmpfeffer

    Hi! I don't want the image field to show up when printing the Headers and texts. How do i do that?

  • Search Engine Wings

    Thanks for sharing this informative post...

  • NorthvilleRFKC

    Is there a way to have a certain field show on every page when printed? In this specific situation, I want a name to be printed as a header on every page of a multi-page application without forcing the people filling it out to type their child's name on every page. I'm only worried about the situation of submissions being printed (because we need to have a hard copy) just to help keep files straight, as there would be a lot of pages from all of the submissions. If it helps, I intend to use the child's name as the session ID so that people can save applications for multiple children.

  • steamychick

    I have the same problem with the headers not showing on the right table. I see you guys had this complaint back in october 2015 and said you'd submit a request for it to be fixed. Any update on the time frame?

  • tlcpetsaz

    Thank you, How do i get the form emailed to me or does it only go to the inbox on jotform?

  • Cdepaul29

    I am having problems with all of my form showing when sent to my email
    I was asking previously about the end of my form not showing when the form is filled out and submitted. The General policy was not showing and not I cannot see the rest of the questions before that? I checked the show headers in text box. Did not work Is there a number where I can speak to support?
    Under my Board and Train Contract and Private Contract I can see it in jotform but once client submits the general policy is not coming to my email

  • BRGhelpdesk

    This is half the solution. finally figured out 3 things. when you activate this setting above it doesn't automatically add the Text fields and other data to the PDF that gets sent to you...... stupid, it should do that Developers.....
    2nd once you activate this it will show on the preview but the PDF that gets sent to the email does not include the other fields. You must go into customize PDF and Add every field manually. It honestly took me longer to get this part working in a PDF, that did not have fields Go wherever they wanted to go, than it took to build the Form itself. Oh BTW the Preview button is useless it wont look like anything when actually gets outputted. just keep submitting Forms and getting a new PDF. And the Add text button in pdf customize is pointless it wont keep the Formatting of the field if you copy paste it. just merges everything into one big paragraph.

    3rd thing is, when you want to add the fields from the original Form, Text fields for some reason don't automatically Grow to how big they are in the form. you must grab the tiny Little Resize in the right corner (without deleting the field as it's in the same area....) and Make the Red box bigger.... again Developers???? until you do this it will be very small and overlap everything in the builder.

  • Ann Colburn

    Thank you! So easy - when you know how!!


    You have advised how to show the headers and images once I receive the submission. I cannot get it to show on the form initially. I create an interactive pdf, but only the fields show in it.

  • MSharpe

    Doing this keeps absolutely none of the formatted I literally just spent TWO HOURS doing. It's not just a matter of having the text show up but having it show up the way I intend for it to with numbers and bullet points to maintain a professional appearance. If we integrate Dropbox for this form, is there a way to make the text show up in PDF form there as well? Having an option in the settings to show text in submitted form when you are creating the form (which you have the option to do with some of your widgets) would solve this issue. May have to go with another service for this type of form if this isn't fixed...

  • Jennifer Pacheco

    I have followed the steps above & headers & texts still do not print on the PDF form. I checked the "gear" and headers & text box has a check mark.
    Thank you
    Jennifer Pacheco
    Greater Lewisville Association of REALTORS

  • wilzy69

    Great many thanks!

  • Martin McCauley

    We already have that setting set correctly but it’s still not downloading the PDF with all of the words.

  • strippersrus

    how do you save it. when i do as per above, i go back in and its back to how it was


    Hopefully this video will help "support" understand the issue that still exists.


    Agreed, having the same issue. The only fields that show up in the email the customer receives and the email I receive are "checkboxes / digital signatures etc. Basically anything they have to fill out shows up which is good obviously. However I would like images, headers and text fields to show up as well... Is this possible?

  • celialena

    My image within the 'header' does not show up in the downloaded pdf. Why?

  • pmarren1

    Clarification - I have an image that won't display. I've tried adding it as a header field or text field with an image in it.

  • pmarren1

    This is not currently working....when you click on show headers and text from the Submissions - it will only display text. Please fix this ASAP please!

  • nicnatdwd

    Hi, when i receive the email notification/order it only includes the drop down field information and not the title/heading it is relating to so I am not sure what the order refers to. Is there any way of including these. I have looked into the form settings page but this newer version of JotForm doesnt include the 'show headers and text' option, thanks

  • saintpaulsoutreach

    Is there a way to do this without any submissions, to get a pdf of a blank form?

  • mckbosart

    Im sorry my question wasn't clear! I have it set on the first page, but I want it to print on both pages..


  • EmpowerC

    Dear Jotform, Can we have the answers on the previous comments? We also have the issue on the PDF formatting. The other texts go to the next page and the previous page left empty with just the title.

  • brianhoup

    I was able to see the headers on the PDF after reading these answers, but now my PDF looks sloppy as the header for one table will be on one page and the table on the next. Can you help in formatting the PDF headers so that each header goes with its specific table?

  • EllenJoseph

    We followed the advice given above. Indeed, headers/text appear on the form. However, when we log out and then back in, we find that this feature does not "hold." We have to reset the show header/text feature. How do we PERMANENTLY show this change for a given form? Thanks.

  • djdemers1

    Is there any way to improve the formatting of the headers and text in the generated .pdf?

    My goal is to generate a signed contract. The current result appears unformatted and unprofessional, and I would hesitate to use it with clients. Thanks

  • srivkin

    When I convert to a PDF, the text boxes disrupts the view of other fields.
    IE: I gray line is to the left and when I click the box, it becomes gray and interferes with the items behind it.
    I have tried to edit the fields, enable show-headers etc. with no luck. When I preview the form itself- all is OK. When I embed it into a webpage it is also fine. It's only when I convert it to a pdf is messed up.

  • peacefulpaws

    How do I do the same thing for the email notifications. I want the headers/text fields to display in the email.