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How to Have Text Only Message Format in Email

How to Have Text Only Message Format in Email

Having a text only message format is still possible in the new Email UI.  

This user guide will show you how in 6 easy steps


1. When in the Email Editor, click on the Source code icon

2. Delete all the content of the Source code window

delete source

3. Click OK button to close the Source code window

close source

4. You can now manually type your text message or copy/paste text only message

5. Add the form data by selecting the field name in the Form Fields list.

form fields

6. Click Save button to save the Email template.

Thats it.

An example plain text email message will look like this.


Note: The same steps can be followed to have text message format in Autoresponder E-mail.

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    This method doesn't actual generates a plain text email. first the platform just adds html tags, and the eventual email delivered reorganizing the content into a table format. I am attempting to integration submission with a third party platform that requires delivery of email in plain text. Can you confirm that this is not possible?

  • metrocorephone

    Is there not a more time efficient way of doing this? If not then why was this changed?

  • AA_C

    I have found the answer to my question.
    Yes all this is possible.

  • AA_C

    Is it possible to format the text.
    For example the question in bold text and the answer in a different color. Also have answers all tabbed to line up vertically.